The Saatva Mattress: A Luxury Innerspring Experience

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We review three models from the U.S based manufacturer- Saatva. Since launching in 2010, they have since made a name for themselves as one of the top players in the online mattress space. You might actually also know their three other brands (or even own one of their beds). Saatva’s mission is to provide a luxurious sleeping experience for its clients and this is something they are proud to say they do well. 

This review, however, will shine the spotlight on the Saatva Classic, a hybrid (a mattress that makes use of two known materials, in this case, it is memory foam + inner springs) coil-on-coil innerspring mattress, the Saatva HD, a mattress crafted for heavier and larger individuals, and the Solaire, an air mattress that is incredibly lush.

The three models- what you need to know

Under its main Saatva line, the brand has three flagship models. All equally luxurious but offer a very different feel and support. Each mattress contributes to your sleep experience in a totally new way- but still keep to that “Saatva Luxury”.

Saatva Classic

The brand seems to love things that come in threes. The Saatva Classic comes in three firmness levels- Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. It also features a soft, dreamy pillow top and is reasonably priced to better appeal to its mass-market target.

Saatva HD

It was made specifically for individuals who are on the heavier side (anywhere between 300lbs and 500lbs). We would probably even go as far as saying that this well designed, heavy-duty mattress almost has absolutely zero flaws.

Saatva Solaire

Now, this is cool- an air mattress that almost does not feel like one. It is packed with amazing features, but be prepared to shell out some $$$.

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The Classic

The Saatva Classic, as we stated earlier is available in three firmness levels. For this Saatva review, we will, however, be focusing on the best selling, luxury firm option. (Don’t worry, we’ll touch on the others too!)

Saatva, other than seemingly loving things in threes- apparently also has a penchant for options. The Classic is available in two mattress heights and a 14.5″ premier luxury model. There is not much of a difference between both and the added height is quite more of an interior design choice.

What’s the Saatva Classic made with?

The organic cotton cover and the Euro pillow top layer

Sewn on to the top side layer of the mattress the Euro top layer measures 1.25 inches thick and is constructed out of polyfoam. Designed to feel “pillowy” – the Euro-top is uniquely soft to the touch and makes even the ‘Firm’ model’s surface feel softer.

Our favorite thing about this layer is how great it is for side sleepers and others who often need loads more cushioning and cradling beneath the hips for better alignment. The cover fabric is crafted out of anti-microbial (perfect for keeping those smells at bay) 100 percent organic cotton.

Dual Comfort Layers

For even more comfort, pressure point relief and to make for a better alignment for sleepers, the Saatva Classic features two comfort layers. The first layer is constructed with polyfoam while the latter is made with memory foam. Together they measure at 1 inch thick.

The Coils

The layers of coils also come in twos- the first layer being a layer individually wrapped innersprings. Compared to other coil layers, this bed’s coils do not feel as springy or stiff- and are instead, more comfortable. This layer is a buffer layer that makes sure that you do not sink on to the firmer and denser Bonnell coils.

The second layer of coils and at the base of the Saatva Classic is a support core of recycled steel Bonnell coils/ innersprings. They stabilize the whole bed and reinforce the edges against deep sinkage. A rock-solid foundation indeed.

How does the Saatva Classic feel?

Firmness and overall feel

The Saatva offers a slightly more traditional innerspring feel since it does have two innerspring layers. But this is not like those springy beds you spent your childhood jumping on. It is incredibly supportive, provides great alignment and the Euro pillow top and dual comfort layers make this bed incredibly comfortable (great for those who are fond of switching between sleeping positions)

We give the Saatva a medium-firm rating.

Motion transfer (couples take note!) and Edge Support

Okay, time for a bit of great and ‘just okay news’. The ‘just okay’ news is that since innersprings are not the best at motion isolation and even if the brand seems to have gone to great lengths to combat the fact (memory and polyfoam comfort layers)- this bed is ‘just okay’ or average at keeping movement at bay.

This means that sharing a bed with someone who might get up or move around a little too often might be a slight issue. In comparison, however, it will always prove leagues better than the innerspring beds of the bygone days.

The great news is that this mattress has exceptional edge support. The Saatva Classic has a firm layer of foam that goes around the perimeter of the mattress to make sure that you never feel that you’re about to fall off. So if you’re sharing the bed with an active sleeper or someone who seems to hog all the space- you are sure to stay in bed.

Saatva Classic in Plush Firm

If you are a side sleeper, you will need more hip support for better spinal alignment (keep that back pain away). The Plush Firm model provides such support, and it is the softest bed Saatva makes (like the name states). That softness, combined with the hybrid comfort layer makes for a good amount of pressure point relief for your shoulders and hips.

Saatva Classic in Firm

In the Classic range, this is best for heavier individuals and those who need and want extra lumbar support. Back and stomach sleepers will love this! While a firm, reasonably flat surface is not for everyone- this mattress makes a great bed for those who want that kind of leveled sleeping experience.


Saatva Solaire Review

We will (as we always are) be upfront with you- the Saatva Solaire is luxurious, impressive and comes packed with features, but with a retail price of $2800 be prepared to pay some serious $ for this unique air mattress.

Design and Features

The Solaire has a foam encased air chamber, which serves as the main support structure for the mattress and makes it possible to adjust its firmness level. Right above the air chamber is a gel memory foam, moisture barrier, latex foam, and finally, a pillow top. The dual layers of foam comprise the bulk of the mattress and feel a little bouncy thanks to the latex. The pillow top, however, provides that comfort and luxurious feeling. Like all Saatva beds, the Solaire is encased in an organic cotton cover (it feels divine).

How does the Solaire feel?

One of the distinct things about this mattress is that it is perfectly balanced between a foam and an air mattress, with a pillow top for more Comfort.

Since it is an air mattress, you can choose among 50 different firmness levels- with a remote! The power of choice is yours with the Solaire. It is certainly pretty cool, and this feature works best with the dual air chambers. The queen, king, and California king models come split. Now, yes, this is not something everyone needs, but sharing this mattress with someone who has a more particular firmness preference- being able to serve both your wants is an excellent perk to the Solaire.

The Verdict

What we love

It is a super lovely bed, with LUXURY written all over it. It’s even referred to be the most precise bed ever made! Also, the mattress includes wired remote controls, which is great since remotes are the type of thing one usually does lose. 

Having a fully customizable bed is definitely great, and having a mattress that fits the needs of two individuals is even greater. The pillow top layer also provides that added softness we have yet to experience in other air mattresses. 

What we love less about it

The Solaire’s inflation is not at all discreet, not terribly loud, but enough to wake someone up or keep someone from falling asleep. It also does not seem to get as firm as you might want. At its peak, it is about at medium-firm – at the same level as its innerspring counterparts: The Saatva Classic and HD. The pillow top layer does make it pretty soft and cradles your pressure points well. So if you are in the market for an air mattress, share the bed with a partner who prefers a different level of softness and have the $$$ to spare- this bed is for you.

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The Saatva HD: A durable, heavy-duty mattress

Supportive, durable, very comfortable, and pretty luxurious- the Saatva HD is one of the best mattresses on the market for heavier sleepers. The combination of memory foam, latex foam, and a steel coil innerspring makes this mattress a powerhouse created to accommodate weights of up to 500lbs.

What is this bed made of?

Like the Saatva Classic, the Saatva HD is constructed with a dual innerspring layer, latex foam, memory foam, a pillow top layer, and has an anti-microbial- organic cotton cover.

It is important to note that the cover feels slightly different on the HD. It has a thin layer of foam quilted in. Making for an even more luxurious feel.

The innerspring coils on the HD are wrapped in a way that provides more edge support, ensuring you stay in bed, even if you are a tosser and a turner at night. Above the dual coil layer is a transition foam layer that is made with memory foam. What sets this bed apart from the Classic and makes it possible to support more weight is the Talalay latex foam layer. Latex is a lot more durable and responsive than memory foam, so this is what helps give the HD that cradling, overall supportive feel.

How does the Saatva HD feel?

The Saatva HD has an airy quality that we do not quite get from the Classic. This is a result of the support of the 6-inch coils. We place this at a medium-firm on our scale- but for heavier individuals, it might feel more on the medium side.

The plush pillow top really does make a difference in pressure point relief and makes sure that your spin remains perfectly aligned, regardless of your sleeping style.

Why weight matters in mattress selection

We usually, as a benchmark for everyday mattresses, and assume that the individual is at 150-250lbs. But of course, we know that is not the case for everyone. People at this weight usually say that most beds are on the firm side of the spectrum and will not be sinking deep.

Not all beds are created equal, and there is no bed that’s just perfect for everyone. We do really need to stress this since everyone is different, and weight affects how one sleeps. Heavier individuals usually fell like medium to medium-firm beds are softer than expected, but that is since people who are above 250lbs place a slightly more significant amount of pressure on the bed and will sink deeper on to the top and comfort layers of the bed. Taking that into account, the Saatva HD is specially made for heavier individuals.

The Verdict

Other than the hefty price tag – which we understood since Saatva does position itself on the luxury bed market. There really is nothing negative we can say about this 15.5-inch tall powerhouse of a bed. It is the best bed we’ve tested so far for heavier individuals. Great support, pressure point relief, and it feels and sleeps like a dream. This bed comes highly recommended if you are on the heavier side and are looking for a great sleep investment piece.

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Table of Contents

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