Lull Mattress Reviewed and Rated (2022): Pros, Cons & Our Verdict


Lull Mattress


Do you love firm mattresses? If you do, then he Lull Mattress may be just the right mattress purchase for you. Our team recommends it for anyone who loves to sleep on their back, their stomach, and anyone looking for a bargain on a quality mattress. Could this be the mattress you’re looking for? Read our full review here.


Choosing a mattress may seem like a trivial activity, but it is actually not. Most people tend to neglect the essence of getting a suitable mattress until it causes a problem. 

They are oblivious that a seemingly unimportant thing like a mattress can have significant health effects. It is imperative to get the right mattress to promote one’s health and well-being.  

Here are some of the benefits of getting the right mattress:

A suitable mattress is vital not just to people’s sleep but to health in general. A comfortable bed is essential to get the quality sleep a person needs. Quality sleep, on the other hand, is one of the requirements of good health.

This article provides an in-depth review of the Lull mattress. In this review, the mattress’ construction, firmness, pros and cons, and other related matters will be tackled. The aim is to give you an idea of whether or not the Lull mattress is suitable for you.


Lull Mattress Overview

The Lull mattress is a three-layer mattress that utilizes different types of foam.

Moreover, the cover of the Lull mattress is made of polyester and rayon mixture. 

The Lull mattress is ideal for people who prefer a firmer than a regular mattress. The mattress is firm enough not to let people sink uncomfortably into the bed. It provides much support to the neck, back, hips, and other pressure prone areas

Couples may also benefit from the Lull mattress because of its excellent motion isolation characteristic. The bed making some noise won’t be an issue because the Lull mattress can withstand a considerable amount of weight.

Compared with other memory foam mattress brands, the Lull mattress is quite cheaper. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.


The Lull mattress is 10” thick, which is within the average thickness for a mattress. It is thick enough to withstand heavier people. Long term use by heavier people is discouraged, though, as the Lull mattress was designed for average weight sleepers. It is thick, but it is believed not to be able to support much, particularly the obese and overweight, for a long time. 

The Lull mattress is an all-foam mattress. All three layers are made of different types of foam. Lull, on their website, proudly states that all the foams they use are CertiPUR-US certified which means they have passed standards of minimal off-gassing. Lull also claims that no harmful substances have been used on their product.

Although memory foams are known for trapping heat, it would not be an issue with the Lull mattress with its gel infusion.

The neutral foam combined with the memory foam gives a balanced feel for sleepers. There is sinking but not too much to allow easy movement around the surface of the mattress.

The all-foam Lull mattress is wrapped up by a removable soft cover made of polyester and rayon. The removable cover is not washable, though. Spot cleaning the blemished area with detergent and warm water is what’s recommended. Removing the cover is also discouraged because it is tough to put it back on.


Since there is only one mattress in their line, the Lull mattress comes in only one firmness option. It has a medium firmness level, which is equivalent to a 6.5 firmness rating. Most sleeper types may find the Lull mattress’ firmness comfortable. 

The Lull mattress offers a unique feel because of the combination of the memory foam and the neutral foam. The memory foam allows sinking into the mattress, but the neutral foam will not allow sleepers to sink too much. Users will stay afloat, at first, and then the mattress contours to their bodies and gives a slight hugging sensation.    

A memory foam mattress is known to be a non-responsive mattress. Since the Lull mattress uses memory foam as a comfort layer, it is expected that the mattress won’t do well in the responsiveness department. The slow response of the mattress is why users feel the mattress hugging them. 

Despite the Lull mattress’s slow response, users won’t feel stuck while moving on the bed’s surface. This is because of the neutral foam underneath the memory foam layer.

Motion Isolation

Couples, especially those who are easily disturbed by movements, are very particular with this aspect of a mattress. Memory foam mattresses are the best when it comes to dealing with motion transfer. Its soft feel is very helpful in isolating motion. Any movement made won’t be felt through the rest of the surface of the bed. 

Since the very top layer of the Lull mattress uses memory foam, it can be expected that the mattress is doing well as far as motion isolation is concerned. 

In Lull mattress reviews and tests, users claim that they feel minimal to none motion transfer when their partners made movements. According to sleep testers, motion transfer is not noticeable when their partners went in and out of bed.

Sizing and Pricing

The Lull mattress comes in 6 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cali King. Below are the prices and dimensions of the Lull mattress per size.

38” x 75” x 10”
Twin XL
38” x 80” x 10”
54” x 75” x 10”
60” x 80” x 10”
76” x 80” x 10”
Cali King
72” x 84” x 10”


The Lull mattress is only available online. Lull has no physical shops. Lull mattresses can be ordered on Lull’s website or any online platform.

Shipping for Lull mattresses is for free shipping to the contiguous United States. It usually takes one to four business days for delivery to arrive.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

The Lull mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.  It begins on the date of purchase. 

Defects covered by the warranty are:

The warranty does not cover physical damages brought about by misuse. The warranty is only exclusive to original owners who purchased the mattress directly from Lull. Second-hand owners are not qualified to avail of the warranty.

The Lull mattress also comes with a 100-night sleep trial. Users can return the mattress and request for a full refund any time within the 100-night sleep trial.

The 10-year warranty and the 100-night sleep trial are what most online mattress brands offer.

Pros and Cons

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The Lull Mattress is Ideal for

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Combo sleepers​

Combo sleepers need mattresses that allow them to change positions easily. The balance of the memory foam and the neutral foam allows such. Combo sleepers can easily change positions on the Lull mattress while getting comfort from the memory foam.

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The great motion isolation characteristic of the Lull mattress makes it ideal for couples. Motion transfer is not felt through the surface of the bed because of the memory foam’s conforming property.

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Back sleepers

Back sleepers need a firmer mattress for support. The Lull mattress is firmer than the normal mattresses and offers a balance of comfort and support for back sleepers. The Lull mattress allows the hips to sink enough while the rest of the body is supported.

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Stomach sleepers

Just like back sleepers, stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress for support. Because the Lull mattress’s top layer is not so thick, the base layers provide support for sleepers as they lie on their stomach.

The Lull Mattress is Not Ideal for

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Side sleepers

Side sleepers need softer mattresses for pressure relief on their shoulders and hips. The Lull mattress is firm and its comfort layer is not that thick, so side sleepers may not find this mattress pressure relieving.

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Heavier people

The Lull mattress does not have enough support for heavier people. The mattress was designed for average weight sleepers. 

I like the Lull mattress because of its balanced firmness feel. I like the feeling of a little hugging sensation while easily moving around the surface of the mattress. I am a combo sleeper, so I need a mattress that allows me to change positions without feeling stuck. 

Although the edge support is not excellent, it is not a make or break consideration for me. Thus, it’s okay. It also does not make any noise, which is good because I am very sensitive to sound when asleep. More importantly, it is also cheap.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lull mattress has not been in the market long enough, so its durability could not really be accurately assessed. But judging it based on its construction, the Lull mattress does not look so good in the durability department. Just like most online mattress brands, Lull mattress is a bed-in-a-box model. Such a mattress model is associated with poor edge support. True enough; the Lull mattress’ edge support is not very impressive. Edge support says a lot about the durability of a mattress. It is also a not very thick mattress. Thickness also says something about a mattress’ durability.

While the Lull mattress is ideal for couples because of its motion isolation performance, it does not rate well in the sex category. Memory foam mattresses don’t provide as much bounce as innerspring mattresses do. Bounce is very important in sexual activities because it helps sexual partners in changing positions. The Lull mattress may be more responsive than the other memory foam models, but it is not responsive enough for sexual activity. Sexual activities are best on bouncy and responsive mattresses.

Both the Lull and Casper mattresses have their respective good qualities. They are both all-foam mattresses, but they have distinct characteristics. The Lull mattress uses only three foams while the Casper mattress uses four. In the firmness area, the Lull mattress is firmer. The Casper is quite soft. Stomach and back sleepers need a firmer mattress to support them, so the Lull mattress is ideal. The Casper mattress offers a plusher feel, which makes it good for side sleepers who need a soft mattress for pressure relief. Regarding pricing, the Lull mattress is less expensive than Casper’s.


The answer to this question depends on what someone looks for in a mattress.

Our Verdict

The Lull mattress is good, but it may not be for everyone. This mattress is only good for back and stomach sleepers who need a firmer mattress for support. Side sleepers may not get the support and pressure relief they need from the Lull mattress.

People with sleep partners should also like the Lull mattress because of its great motion isolation.

If you are looking for a firm mattress with a memory foam feel, then the Lull mattress should be right for you. 

Questions about the Lull Mattress? Get in touch with our team today.

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