Level Sleep Mattress Reviews & Ratings (Updated – 2022): Is It Really Best for Back Pain?

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Back pain and a great night's sleep

Is that ache in your back disrupting your sleep? Keeping you from all those zzz’s that you need? You’re not alone!

According to the Global Burden of Disease, back pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. What’s even more surprising is not that it is caused by more severe medical conditions (say arthritis and several forms of cancer). It is actually often the by-product of bad posture from either sitting all day (pretty commonplace in today’s office culture), bad sleeping habits, positions, and a less than ideal support from your mattress.

Being in pain is no joke when about to sleep; the lack of distractions leads to increased awareness of the pain, and that for sure, leads to being wide awake, even when you are dead tired. It’s also incredibly tough to find that “right” sleeping position, and we might end up just tossing and turning, looking for a way to ease the pain and effectively delaying sleep.

Studies show that 63% of adults say that their back pain was severely reduced simply by switching to a new mattress. It’s studies like this that have pushed companies like Level Sleep to develop and perfect technology aimed at easing this issue. The star of this review, the Level Sleep Mattress, is one such cure.

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This bed is for

This bed probably is not for

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About Level Sleep

On a mission to solve back pain- Level Sleep spent a decade (10 years) in a lab, undergoing clinical trials, rounds of research and development, and working with numerous sleep experts. Their goals are simple: less fatigue, reduced discomfort, and much better sleep quality.

Note: while Level Sleep has worked with several sleep experts, Level Sleep’s recommendations do not trump those of your doctor. Pain or any other sleep issues should be discussed with your general practitioner. A great bed is not the end-all and be-all solution to pains and aches in sleep. But Level Sleep sincerely hopes that this mattress heightens your chances of having an incredible, pain-free night’s sleep.  To accompany the Level Sleep Mattress, you may also opt to purchase the fully adjustable bed frame (which comes equipped with a massager) and their Snore Relief pillow.

levelsleep mattress benefits v1

The Level Sleep: What's it made of?

With a cover, three layers of foam, and at 11 “thick-In a nutshell, the Level Sleep has a straightforward construction- but its design magic lies in its simple looks.

Base and second "comfort" layer

The base is a 7 “layer of dense support foam serving as a foundation for the bed. On top of this layer rests Level Sleep’s Zoned Performance Layer. A layout with three zones, each with a specific target, is what the company calls its patented “TriSupport Design” ; this is the secret that separates this mattress from your everyday bed. 

The Energex Adaptive Foam on the second layer is three varied portions. Right beneath where your torso should be is a firmer part that is made to give more support to your lower back (the most common spot for back pain). Next up is the part right where your hips and legs are medium-firm, designed to absorb and distribute your weight and align your spine. Sealing the deal for the second layer of the Level Sleep is a softer section where your head and shoulders lay. This section provides pressure relief to areas known to stoop due to bad posture (aka sitting at a desk and leaning towards a computer).

In summary: 

The comfort layer is firmer and softer in select parts of the Level Sleep, where we’re all known to sink and apply more pressure. Head and Shoulders are cradled by the soft foam, torsos supported strongly by the firm foam, and the medium-firm zone aligns your spine. This means a more natural feel for each sleeper.

The top:

Rounding out the bed is a 1 “thick layer of Enduroplush HR Foam. The comfort layer you’ll really feel! The Zoned Performance Layer used to be up top. Redesigned in 2019 after consumer reviews stated that the three varied layers were quite a lot given its different firmness profiles. This new top layer is smoother, more uniform- masking the science underneath—the perfect addition to this bed. 

According to Level Sleep’s website, beyond the specific goals of the “TriSupport Layer” this section is also designed to ease the compression of soft tissues, resulting in better blood flow throughout the body. While this sounds pretty awesome, we’d like to re-state that we’re not doctors here, and these are results and claims from Level Sleep’s clinical trials. If you’re keen to know more- check out their website. They have provided a good amount of data behind the sleep science and technology of their products.

The Cover:

Wrapping these three layers is a washable, stretch cover. Now the brand recommends you keep it on the whole time and understandably so- there is not much of a reason to remove it unless there’s a spill or any other incident. Care instructions are included in the package, although it is nothing out of the ordinary- a brushing with soap or a spin in the wash will do the job just fine. 


How does the Level Sleep Mattress feel and perform?

Your sleeping position matters

Back sleepers:

The sound of “soft and comforting” might make some back sleepers wary and worry about sinking in. Still, thanks to the revolutionary TriSupport Layer, you’ll always feel like you are sleeping properly aligned. The sections make sure your torso does not sink far down into the bed. No sinkage means no pressure points are forming and that your weight is distributed evenly. We highly recommend this for back sleepers since keeping your spine neutral is key to easing that pesky back pain.

Side sleepers:

Shoulders might sink a little since the head and shoulder section of the mattress is quite soft. This is to provide pressure relief in that portion of the body, but we found that the softness is not for everyone. The torso support makes up for it though! The Level Sleep does a great job of keeping you perfectly balanced while still giving that “cradle “effect.

Stomach sleepers:

Not many mattresses provide that extra hip support- so for stomach sleepers, this is made for you! You’d appreciate that extra love in that area, especially since this is what will press down the most when laying. The proper alignment this provides + that hip support makes this a winner in our book!


The Zoned Performance Layer and the new comfort layer (That we’re glad they added!) give the Level Sleep an airy, soft foam feel. This is not a memory foam bed, yet it performs just as well, especially when we are talking about the support and weight distribution. 

The overall firmness is at about medium firm, and while for other mattresses- that could keep you from feeling through all the layers of the bed – on the Level Sleep, you can still feel the various layers as you sink down on the bed. 

When compared to both memory and latex foam- the main differences between this foam and those are that it does not mold to your body like memory foam, and it is not as bouncy as latex foam. This mattress sleeps in the space right in the middle. We’ve never met a mattress quite like this though, with the varied zones- you can actually experience different firmness levels as you move around the bed. Although, as an overall critique- the Level Sleep is a neutral foam mattress that is exceptionally comfortable and also very accomodating.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is a term for the amount of disturbance you might feel when there’s any movement on either side of the bed. This is particularly important when sharing the bed with a partner (especially when they are light sleepers)

The verdict is that: couples will absolutely love this bed! It does a great job of deadening any fidgeting, getting up and rolling around on the other side of the bed. Big or small motions were impressively dulled. A good night’s sleep indeed.

Cost and cover care


Sleeping right at the cusp of the mid to higher end of the pricing spectrum- the Level Sleep might be a little off-putting to some. Especially since several other mattresses with more layers and memory foam do come a few $$$ cheaper. Further analysis of the Level Sleep, however, proves that less is not necessarily more. The TriSupport design is what makes this mattress worth paying for. 

Perhaps the greatest selling point of this mattress is its warranty. After a 365-night trial, you find the mattress unsatisfactory- you may opt to return the Level Sleep free of charge and also receive a full refund! Another plus, Level Sleep seems to be quite aggressive and is known to give generous discounts, so we highly recommend checking LevelSleep.com for great deals.

Cover Care

The breathable polyester cover makes sure that no spills and other accidents compromise the integrity of your mattress. Keeping your Level Sleep mattress cover clean and fresh is completely simple, no more fussing over complex instructions. As stated earlier, the polyester cover is removable and easy to toss into the wash. The brand, however, does not recommend over washing or using a dryer but if you must, Level Sleep suggests a low heat setting. The elasticity of the cover makes sure the cover is always snug and fits perfectly.

Final Verdict:

Reasons why you will love the Level Sleep Mattress:

It comes highly recommended by Chiropractors.

The Level Sleep wins chiropractors’ top ratings since it is specifically designed to ease (and even fight) shoulder and back pain. New Life Chiropractic founder Dr. Tim Smith says that while yes, the Level Sleep has exceptional design. It was how breathable it was that sold him on the mattress and had him recommending it to patients.

“The breathable material makes it so that you’ll stay cool all night, which means more oxygen in your cells’ tissues, so you get a much better, healthier night’s sleep!

Dr. Nick Athens (chiropractor to the San Francisco 49ners ) says that the TriSupport on the Level sleep is the only one he has found to reduce the pressure buildup that causes everyone to toss and turn at night. This constant movement leads to waking up at night and messing up that much-needed consistent sleep pattern. “We need to sleep at least seven hours a night to be able to perform at our peak at work, on the field, at the gym, and when it really counts- the game. The Level Sleep team knows this most of all, and it is why I also sleep on one.”

You change positions throughout the night.

Not all of us sleep in a single position in our 7+ hours of sleep. To this end, the TriSupport layer cannot get enough praise! Moving around and constant shifting proves to be absolutely a non-issue since you are sure to be supported all night with your pressure points eased, and your spine always aligned.

Why the level sleep might not be for you

You are a taller and heavier individual.

Though the Level Sleep comes in various sizes and is made for most people, the TriSupport Layer’s distinct areas where it is softer or more firm might not match with the exact body part. This tends to be an issue with taller people, and the point of the mattress becomes moot if you are not able to experience its full, easing support. 

Larger individuals may have issues with the lack of a transition layer, which means sinking directly on to the hard base foam at the bottom of the bed. To that end, we suggest looking into a mattress with innersprings.

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Table of Contents

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