Latex For Less Vs. Avocado: Reviewed & Compared for 2022


Latex For Less Vs. Avocado


Latex mattresses are known to be the most durable mattress types. They are also made from rubber sap which makes it natural and eco-friendly. If you’d like to upgrade your old foam mattress to a latex mattress, you may just want to check out two great mattress brands – Latex For Less and Avocado. See what we recommend. Check out our comparative review below.

Today, we’ll be doing a comparative review on the Latex For Less vs. the Avocado mattresses. These are both latex mattresses with the perfect mix of impressive features while being made from organic materials at the same time. We’ll be discussing its features, pros and cons, and why it may (or may not) be just the ideal mattress you need.

Let’s get started!

Latex For Less has been in the mattress industry since 2014. As a bed-in-a-box mattress brand, they have been offering beds with the vision to cater to users of all shapes, sizes, and comfort styles.

Exerting years of research on their products guarantees the Latex For Less offers users a secure and comfortable sleeping experience while sold at affordable price points.

What makes the Latex For Less mattress stand out from the other mattress available in the market is because it offers a flippable surface. This makes it easier to choose the firmness type you prefer. 

Aside from that, it’s also built from all-natural materials. 

Different sides of the Latex For Less mattress features different materials. One side is built from Talalay latex, providing a medium-firm feel, while the other side is built from Dunlop latex. This side provides a firm feel.

Users may also pair the Latex for less mattress with:

Users may also choose to purchase their adjustable bases using the company’s website. 

Here are some highlights you can keep an eye on if you’re planning to get the Latex For Less Mattress:

Although, here are some points you may want to consider before buying the Latex For Less Mattress:

Avocado is a mattress company known for producing eco-friendly mattresses which feature the perfect mix of quality construction, coil system, and impressive pressure relief features.

What’s great about the Avocado Green Mattresses is that considering it is made from organic materials, it does not emit any toxic gasses and chemicals. Thus, making it a very safe mattress choice. 

All the products produced by Avocado are also GreenGuard Gold certified.

Overall, the Avocado company is strong-willed when it comes to growing the organic mattresses’ industry. 

What makes it stand out in the market is its impressive construction. It has a firm feel, built with organic latex and cushioning for better comfort. 

It is also built with pocketed coils in its construction, which makes the motion isolation great. It’s five-zone coil system also promotes a healthy spinal alignment. 

And since the mattress is a latex hybrid bed too, it has excellent cooling features making it perfect for those who sleep hot. 

Anyone who is searching for mattresses with excellent cushioning and firmness levels would love the Avocado mattress.

Here are some of the highlights you may expect once you get the Avocado mattress for yourself.”

Although the thing is, this mattress might be too firm for other sleepers.

Who Do We Recommend These Mattresses To?

Latex For Less Mattress

We recommend the Latex For Less Mattress for sleepers who:

We don’t recommend the Latex For Less Mattress for sleepers who:

Avocado Mattress

We recommend the Avocado Mattress for sleepers who:

We don’t recommend the Avocado Mattress for sleepers who:


Latex For Less Vs. Avocado Mattress Features


Latex For Less Mattress

This mattress is built with a cotton cover and wool layers located at each of the Latex for Less Mattress sides. However, for the Latex For Less Mattress, which measures at 9-inches, the wool layer measures half an inch.

Since this mattress is built with wool layers, the mattress becomes naturally soft and seeps moisture easily. Thus, ensuring the bed remains cool for all sleepers.

The mattress’s layers, specifically the Talalay Latex layer and the Dunlop layer are built from natural materials, ensuring that this mattress does not emit any harmful chemicals. 

Although, the Dunlop layer may be quite denser than the Talalay.

Take note that both of these layers are built with small holes to increase each layer’s breathability.

Breakdown of construction:

Avocado Mattress

This mattress is built from sustainable latex, which is taken from rubber sap trees. 

Considering it is a hybrid mattress, it is also built with a pocketed support coil system that provides better support and durability. 

There are two available versions for the Avocado Mattress: The Standard and Pillowtop versions.

Let’s take a closer look at its construction:

Breakdown of construction:

The Avocado Mattress is built with three layers: cover, comfort, and a support layer. The standard Green features organic cotton and wool cover, while the Vegan version is made from organic cotton.

Motion Transfer

Latex For Less Mattress

What’s great about the Latex For Less Mattress is that it offers an impressive motion control, with minimal disturbances for those who sleep with someone on the bed.

This mattress only makes users feel a very little movement, but generally not bothersome. 

Although considering that latex mattresses can feel quite springy, note that it would be hard to diminish the slight movements completely.

Avocado Mattress

The Avocado Mattress also gave out a good motion isolation feature, thus still making it a good choice for those who sleep with a partner on the bed.

Then again, it doesn’t offer motion isolation features as great as all-foam mattresses since latex mattresses can be quite springy.

Edge Support

Latex For Less Mattress

Compared to all-foam beds, the Latex for Less mattress gives out better edge support. Even if you decide to sleep all curled up to the side, we guarantee that you’ll still feel secured.

Although sitting on the edges of the Latex For Less mattress may cause you a little bit of sinkage. Thus, it’s something you should take note of before getting this product for yourself.

Avocado Mattress

The Latex For Less Mattress tends to have a certain odor as soon as it is opened.

Although, it easily dissipates in 24 hours.

However, since this product is built from all-natural materials, there’s no need to worry since it doesn’t off-gas toxic chemicals.


Latex For Less Mattress

The Latex For Less Mattress has a tendency to have a certain odor as soon as it is opened. Although, it easily dissipates in 24 hours.

However since this product is built from all natural materials, there’s no need to worry since it doesn’t off-gas toxic chemicals.

Avocado Mattress

What’s great about Avocado Mattresses is that users do not experience any off-gassing. We guarantee this product to be safe, toxic-free, and odor-free.

Pressure Relief

Latex For Less Mattress

Pressure Relief is significant to ensure that users of all weights sleep comfortably on the bed.

For the Latex for Less mattress, it’s medium side offers excellent pressure relief for lighter sleepers. For the firm side, on the other hand, this would be ideal for heavyset users.

Since it has a flippable firmness, we guarantee that this mattress can cater to all body types.

Although, latex mattresses don’t provide pressure relief as good as memory foam mattresses. But still, it gives an adequate amount of bounce and responsiveness just right for users to feel comfortable while sleeping.

Avocado Mattress

Considering the Avocado Mattress is built with a pocketed coil system that is arranged in five different ergonomic zones, it’s safe to say that this mattress offers excellent pressure relief and even provides healthy spine alignment.

Cooling And Airflow

Latex For Less Mattress

Compared to all-foam mattresses, the Latex for Less Mattress offers better temperature regulation and breathability.

Since both the Talalay and Dunlop latex layers of this mattress are aerated, they are built with tiny holes that increase its airflow without sacrificing the product’s structure. 

This product is also made of wool, which wicks moisture effectively. Thus, preventing users from sleeping hot at night.

Avocado Mattress

Since Avocado Mattress is built with latex foam, it’s safe to say that it’s also cooler than memory foams. Thus, giving out excellent cooling features.

Overall, it sleeps cooler compared to polyfoams and memory foams alike.

Sizing And Pricing

Latex For Less Mattress

Refer to this table to check out the Latex for Less Mattress’ bed category and pricing for each:

Bed Category Price
Twin Latex for Less Mattress
Twin XL Latex for Less Mattress
Full Latex for Less Mattress
Queen Latex for Less Mattress
King Latex for Less Mattress
Cali King Latex for Less Mattress

Avocado Mattress

Refer to this table to check out the Avocado Mattress’ bed category and pricing for each:

Bed Category Price
Twin Avocado Mattress
Twin XL Avocado Mattress
Full Avocado Mattress
Queen Avocado Mattress
King Avocado Mattress
Cali King Avocado Mattress

Other Information

Latex For Less Mattress

Avocado Mattress

Can You Still Use Latex Mattresses If You Have Latex Allergy?

So, what if you do have a latex allergy? We say there’s nothing to worry about. 

You can still definitely use latex mattresses. So, there’s no need for you to scramble and worry about getting another mattress type, especially if you’re already comfortable with latex mattresses.

However, bear in mind that you can only use a latex mattress as long as you don’t handle the latex mattress directly. You can use bed coverings to protect you from being too sensitive from the latex and trigger your allergy.

Although, we recommend you to go and seek professional help to check how severe your allergy is before you get a latex mattress.

The Bottomline

Overall, both the Latex for Less mattress and the Avocado Mattresses are really good latex mattresses’ choices. 

Although at the end of the day, it will always depend on your sleeping comfort.

If you prefer a mattress with flippable sides, we recommend you get the Latex for Less Mattress since you have two firmness; you can either use the Talalay layer or the Dunlop layer.

But suppose you’re in it to experience a better pressure relief. In that case, we recommend the Avocado mattress since it is built with five pocketed coils distributed in five ergonomic zones. 

This ensures better pressure relief and comfort for sleepers. Although if you’re working within a budget, we say go for the Latex For Less Mattress. The Avocado can be quite pricey.

However, if we are to pick a clear winner, we will recommend the Avocado. Even if it’s sold at a higher price point, at the end of the day, Avocado is still an industry-leading company that produces eco-friendly mattresses. The amount of money you invest into an Avocado mattress will make each night of sleep worth it.

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