Complete, Objective Buyer’s Guide & Analysis of the Indigo Mattress (2022 Review)

indigo classic mattress

Indigo Mattress


Promising 2 firmness levels on each side (4 in total), the Indigo Mattress may just solve all yours and your partner’s sleeping problems. Indigo also offers mattress upgrades for old Indigo mattress so that you’ll never have to sleep on a differnt brand of mattress ever again. Interested in what they have to offer? Have a look at our full review below.

Indigo Sleep LLC, the company from which the line of Indigo Mattresses comes from, makes two bold claims. First, that you get 2 Bed Feels per side – which makes for a total of 4 firmness levels in one bed. Second, is that you will not need to shop for any other mattress ever again. Read on, and find out how.

indigo classic mattress

First things first:

It is rare for a couple to have the same mattress firmness preferences. In shopping for one, it could be challenging to make a compromise. So, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have separate firmness levels for each side? Not a problem, when you order the Indigo Attain® Custom Mixed in Queen or King, the mattress comfort layer gets split down the middle, with each side being flippable. One side gets the firm/medium firm latex – gel-memory foam option, while the other has the soft/medium soft latex – gel-memory foam comfort layer.

Now, what if 5 to 7 years down the line, one or the other’s preferences change? Or, what if you just want a new mattress? Indigo beds can be refreshed or upgraded with a low-cost, layer replacement. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

The company

Although one of many bed-in-a-box manufacturers, the Tampa, Florida based Indigo Sleep, LLC is carving a niche with its offerings. Its polyurethane foams and all-natural latex foams are produced in their Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina sites. Their polyurethane foams are CertiPUR-US compliant while their latex foams are all-natural, and categorized as OEKO-TEX Class 1, “Safe for Babies and Toddlers.”

This means that their products have been tested to meet strict standards for content, durability, emissions, and performance. The polyurethane foam is

  • made without chemicals that damage the ozone layer; 
  • are without lead, mercury, and other heavy metals; 
  • without formaldehyde; 
  • without TCEP, TDCPP, or PBDE chemicals for flame retardants; 
  • without phthalates which are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission; 
  • and have low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions to maintain indoor air quality.

Also, all-natural latex is 

  • hypoallergenic; 
  • resistant to mold, mildew and dust mite infestations; 
  • antibacterial and antifungal; 
  • and exceptionally durable.

Taking this task of lowering VOC emissions further, Indigo Sleep lets their foams “breathe out” for five full days before these enter the production line. This helps ensure that end-users can immediately lie down on the mattress without smelling any off-gassing odors after unpacking your new bed at home.

Enjoy a 50-night risk-free trial period, with a full refund if you do not end up falling in love with the Indigo Sleep mattress of your choice. Free shipping and returns are, of course, standard. In the rare instances where there are indeed returns, the Indigo Sleep mattresses are donated to local charities to avoid wastage. 

Together with their layer replacement service, where only the top, comfort layer ever needs replacing, there is reduced mattress waste in landfills – you can sleep better knowing that Indigo Sleep and you are not burdening the environment more than it already is. Why dispose of all 10 inches of your mattress when only the top 4 inches need replacing, right?

The line

Indigo Sleep mattresses come in 5 variants and up to 6 sizes. All 5 options are all-foam beds of 2 separate layers – the 4-inch top, comfort layer, and the 6-inch bottom, support layer. The bottom, support layer is standard across all variants. Only the top, comfort layer is subject to the layer replacement offer. 

Let’s discuss all 5 variants one by one.

indigo comfort always mattress

Indigo Sleep Classic Mattress

This budget-friendly mattress is made of high-quality gel memory foam for the comfort layer, paired with a firmer foam support layer. The Classic Mattress comes in 6 sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.

With a regular base price of $349, discounts of up to $140 on selected sizes, and promo bundles, which include 100% cotton sheets, 4 pillows, and a platform, you could be looking at a complete sleeping solution for less than $660.

Their high-quality gel memory foam happens to be the most asked for sleep surface, which is no surprise, given its temperature regulating and supportive qualities.

Indigo Sleep Comfort Always® Mattress

Indigo Sleep’s entry for flippable mattress, you can choose your firmness level with their patented 2 Bed Feels. The comfort layer comes in 2 variants: Comfort Always Soft with a soft foam on one side, and a medium-soft gel memory foam on the other, and a Comfort Always Firm with a firm foam on one side, and a medium-firm gel memory foam on the other.

The Comfort Always Mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. Regular base price starts at $569, with discounts of up to $100 on selected sizes. Basic and platform bundles also offer the chance for a complete bedroom package at discounted prices.

Indigo Sleep Comfort Always® Custom

This is where Indigo Sleep starts to make it even more interesting. Made especially for couples who can’t agree on buying a soft or firm mattress, the Comfort Always Custom is not even a compromise with its 3 variants. This mattress, available in Queen, King, and Cal King, is split down the middle with separate firmness levels for each side.

The Comfort Always Custom Soft has a soft foam on one side, and a medium-soft gel memory foam on the other. The person who weighs around 100 pounds would most probably prefer the soft foam, while a 135-pound partner could flip the other side to sleep on the medium-soft comfort layer.

The Comfort Always Custom Firm has a firm foam on one side, and a medium-firm gel memory foam on the other. A person who weighs around 160 pounds would probably prefer sleeping on the firm foam, while a 195-pound partner might prefer the medium-firm side.

The Comfort Always Custom Mixed is for couples who have more significant weight differences, or vastly different firmness level preferences. This is more than just the 2 Bed Feels, when you get 4 firmness levels in one bed, at 2 firmness levels on each side.

With a regular base price of $995, discounts of up to $100, and promo bundles to choose from,  a complete bedroom package could be had for less than $1400.

Indigo Sleep Attain® Custom Mattress

Indigo Sleep’s all-natural, OEKO-TEX certified latex, and gel memory foam option for couples who prefer different mattress firmness levels. Available Queen, King, and Twin XL sizes, the Attain Custom comes in 3 variants.

The Attain Custom Soft features a soft all-natural latex side for lighter weight sleepers, and on the flip-side, a medium-soft gel-memory foam layer for average weight sleepers.

The Attain Custom Firm has a firm all-natural latex layer for above-average weight sleepers, and once flipped, a medium-firm gel-memory foam option if more support is desired.

The Attain Custom Mixed has, on one side, the Attain Custom Soft, and on the other side, the Attain Custom Firm. This option is best for couples whose mattress firmness preferences are very nearly at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Finding a middle ground usually means both sleepers end up dissatisfied while having just the right mattress firmness is the only solution. With 4 firmness levels to choose from, all it takes for a restful sleep is the flipping of one side of the mattress for optimal comfort.

The regular base price starts at $849, with discounts of up to $150 depending on mattress size.

Indigo Sleep Attain® Ultimate

This all-natural latex foam bed option, dubbed the Attain Ultimate deals in superlatives. Available in Queen, King, and Twin XL sizes, and 3 variants, both partners continue to get their preferred mattress firmness on their side of the bed.

The Attain Ultimate Soft has all soft latex foam, the Attain Ultimate Firm has all firm latex foam. At the same time, the Attain Ultimate Mixed is the mix and match, soft and firm all-natural latex combo.

The regular base price starts at $1,195, with discounts of up to $200 depending on mattress size.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for you

If you are a couple with different mattress firmness preferences, then the answer is definitely yes. If you prefer the feel of gel memory foam, or have a liking for all-natural latex, both of which are good for back pain, Indigo Sleep has a product for you.


However, if you are looking for a very firm bed or one that has coil springs, you may have to look at other products from other manufacturers.

Indigo Sleep has its own bed platform and mattress bases with prices ranging from around $300 to $600. Of course, you can always use your old solid or slatted bedframes, or even set your Indigo bed on the floor. 


Box springs are not recommended by the manufacturer. Still, you can get away with it if you purchase and use a bunkie board to protect the foam from potential damage by wayward springs. Bunkie boards are like custom-sized plywood, hard plastic, or particle boards which are placed between your foam mattress and the box spring.

With normal use, only the 4-inch, top layer of the Indigo mattress will need replacing every 5 to 7 years. The 6-inch, bottom layer is not expected to experience any deformation over the years.


It is recommended that users rotate both the comfort and support layers to even out the regular wear and tear, as this is expected to extend the service life of the mattress.


For a fraction of the cost of a new mattress, you can order a replacement layer with Indigo Sleep, and even upgrade your Comfort Always to Attain Custom or Attain Ultimate.

Since Indigo mattresses are NOT waterproof, the use of mattress protectors is advised if there is a spillage risk. The mattress cover, however, is machine washable with cold water on gentle cycle. It can also be tumble dried on low heat.

The motion isolation, aka how much you feel your partner shifting positions or getting in and out of bed, is excellent on Indigo mattresses, especially on the products which are split right down the middle.

By design, the Indigo mattresses do not sleep hot. The Classic and Comfort Always lines have a cooling gel integrated with the memory foam layer, while the Attain Custom and Attain Ultimate use all-natural latex, which has excellent breathability.

There aren’t any coil springs with any of the Indigo mattresses. Therefore, they are expected to be quiet and squeak-free for the entirety of their service life.

Upon ordering, Indigo mattresses are shipped within 2 business days. Depending on location, the FedEx Ground delivery may take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to deliver the bed to your doorstep within the contiguous United States. Unfortunately, Hawaii, Alaska, PO Boxes or Military Addresses, and international addresses are currently not covered.

Yes, there is what is called a Limited Mattress Warranty. It covers both the comfort layer and the support layer of your Indigo mattress. With normal use, the 4-inch comfort layer has a 5-year limited warranty period, while the 6-inch support layer has a 10-year limited warranty coverage. This warranty is prorated over the duration of the warranty period for each mattress component.


Whether you sleep alone or share your bed, the line of mattresses from Indigo Sleep is a very attractive choice for what’s the best mattress 2021 and beyond. Their 2 Bed Feels technology is quite the innovation, while their layer replacement offer makes them an excellent long-term investment. Indigo sleep mattress reviews are positive.

Their compliance with industry standards like the CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Class 1 gives assurances of excellent build quality. At the same time, their 50-night risk-free trial period should be enough time for users to do sleep tests and flip tests to satisfy mattress firmness preferences.

Proudly made in the USA, your purchase will go a long way to boosting the national economy and helping the families of the workers who produced your Indigo mattress of choice.

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