IKEA Mattress Reviewed and Rated (2022): Reasons to Buy or Not to Buy

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Table of Contents

Established in 1943, IKEA is a multinational group that sells and designs furniture, kitchen sets, home appliances, and a few more house necessities, which are all ready-to-assemble. 

Now, IKEA is a world-renowned company and a household name, having branches in 25 countries. 

In the United States alone, there are 37 IKEA stores. 

The IKEA in Burbank, California is known to be their largest store in America at almost 500,000 square feet. Now THAT is a lot of IKEA.

Needless to say, when Americans shop for affordable and sturdy home furniture, IKEA is the place to be. 

And speaking of home furniture, one of the more popular products that IKEA sells are beds and mattresses.

Are you thinking about shopping for a new mattress at IKEA? 

Well, this guide will not only show you the best IKEA mattresses, but also provide in-depth reviews to help you choose the best one for your home. 

Now, without any further ado, let us help you find your dream mattress.

Top 10 IKEA Mattresses



Price: Ranges from $90 to $179



Price: Ranges from $129 to $179



Price: Ranges from $199 to $449



Price: Ranges from $199 to $449



Price: Ranges from $199 to $449



Price: Ranges from $299 to $549



Price: Ranges from $299 to $549



Price: Ranges from $699 to $899



Price: Ranges from $779 to $999



Price: Ranges from $799 to $1099

The Breakdown of The Top IKEA Mattresses

1. Minnesund

Available Size/s: Twin

This mattress is slender. Measuring at only 4 inches, IKEA only used a single piece of foam with a certain firmness to it. It is one of the cheapest mattresses that IKEA offers. However, this mattress is only good for short-term use; maybe for a guest to sleep on in the guest room or as extra bedding.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • Inexpensive
  • The zipper on the mattress is child-proof

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • The mattress is too thin.
  • Some consumers found the mattress uncomfortable or too firm.

Available Size/s: Twin, Full, and Queen

This spring mattress is advertised as the perfect balance between firm and soft, and the overall thickness of the mattress is only 8 inches, which is not the biggest one on this list. It is a combination of polyurethane memory foam up on the top and bonnell springs, which are more like traditional springs, on the bottom.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • The Hasvåg mattress is inexpensive for a foam mattress.
  • Provides a stretch fabric on top that moves when you move for optimal comfort.
  • Easy to carry around anywhere.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • The mattress is a little more firm than one might want.
  • Begins to sag after a definite amount of time.

Available Size/s: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

This mattress is a popular choice for people who prefer sleeping on a spring mattress. Meanwhile, on the top of the mattress are two comfort layers composed of polyurethane foam. The mattress has a medium firm feel to it with its total thickness measuring at 10 inches.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • Cheaper than most pocketed coil mattresses.
  • Helps isolate any movement when sleeping.
  • The pocket springs are individually wrapped.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • It’s firmer than one may like.
  • The mattress quickly sags after a definite amount of time.

Available Size/s: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

This mattress sports a thickness of about 10 inches. Since it is a memory foam mattress, the Knapstad has a soft and comfortable layer on the top while having a firmer layer on the bottom for support.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • Comfortable bed to sleep on.
  • Body contouring layer on top for better spinal alignment.
  • The mattress is great at keeping the temperature from getting warmer.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • The mattress sags quickly
  • Does not have a great price-to-value ratio.

Available Size/s: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

This mattress has a more balanced soft and firm feel. The Morgedal is designed to be a foam mattress, with the upper layers containing polyurethane foam and the lower layer containing a more firm and solid foam for more support. Additionally, it does a good job of neutralizing body movements.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • The mattress is well-ventilated for a cooler sleep.
  • If you’re sleeping with a partner or pet, the mattress isolates movement so that it won’t cause any disturbance when sleeping.
  • The cover is removable, although only the top part is machine washable.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • Easily sags over time.
  • The mattress is better more short-term only.

Available Size/s: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

This Mattress is composed of memory foam and latex and is a bit slimmer than its siblings at only 8 inches thick. The two layers of polyurethane foam on the top give you a snug and firm feel while the synthetic latex on the bottom gives you a bouncy support.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • Has a competitive price for a slim mattress.
  • Removable and machine washable cover.
  • The memory foam helps relieve pressure.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • The mattress is not properly well-ventilated.
  • Firmer than most mattresses, which can get uncomfortable.

Available Size/s: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

This mattress comes with pocket springs on the bottom, which are all wrapped individually, and equalizes the pressure your body puts on the bed for better support. On top of that, the mattress also comes with a thick layer of polyurethane phone on top to provide a lot of cushioning so that you’ll feel comfortable when you sleep.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • Comes with three layers of foam instead of two for extra comfort.
  • Highly resilient foam that can alleviate unnecessary pressure.
  • The mattress has a stretch fabric on top that moves when your body moves, adding more comfort.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • The mattress quickly sags after a short period of time.
  • Might be a bit firm when you first start using it.

8. Hjellestad

Available Size/s: Queen and King

Now we’re getting into the more premium priced mattresses that IKEA offers. The Hjellestad mattress is a combination of polyurethane foam on top and a couple of layers of pocket springs at the bottom of the mattress. Also, this mattress is one of the thickest of the bunch, measuring at 16 inches overall. 

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • Body contouring memory foam on top for a natural spinal alignment.
  • Two layers of individually wrapped pocket springs at the bottom to provide more support and comfort.
  • Comes with an extra cover with handles to make it easier to carry around or to your home. It is also removable.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • Does not have a long lifecycle.
  • The mattress does not have a good price-to-value ratio.
  • The overall feel is more on the firmer side than soft.

Available Size/s: Queen and King

This pillowtop mattress is the thickest IKEA mattress there is. It measures at 17 inches in height. The Holmsbu mattress also consists of a gel-infused memory foam to keep your nights cool and comfortable, and two layers of mini pocket springs on the bottom for added comfort and support. This mattress is sure to give you a blissful sleep.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • The thick layer of gel-infused memory foam on top promotes natural alignment of the spine when one sleeps on it. Also, it helps blood circulation.
  • The springs at the bottom half do a fantastic job of relieving unwanted pressure.
  • This mattress comes with a protective case, which you can remove easily.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • The mattress quickly sags after a shorter than expected time.
  • The Holmsbu mattress takes a while before it “breaks in.”

Available Size/s: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

The Mausand mattress is great for people who care about the environment. This mattress is made from 100% natural materials, such as coconut fiber, natural latex, cotton, and wool. On top of that, the mattress is made to be more buoyant and receptive than any other IKEA mattress.

Why should you choose this mattress?

  • The construction of the bed is environment friendly.
  • The cotton and wool means that air can pass by more easily keeping you cool throughout the night.
  • The fabric of the cover is made from 100% cotton.

Why should you not choose this mattress?

  • A bit firmer than some people would like.

Which IKEA mattress did you pick? 

We’re sure it’s a tough choice but, we’re also sure that there’s options for almost everyone. 

To help you make a better decision, here’s some more information:

Advantages Of Using An IKEA Mattress

up 1

IKEA mattresses are pretty much for everyone looking to find an ordinary mattress that can do its job properly. Mostly, these mattresses are bought for things like isolating movement, ventilation, and the prices do not hurt your bank account as well, since their prices are below the average selling price of mattresses.

Disadvantages Of Using IKEA Mattresses

down 1

With IKEA not having a return policy, you won’t be able to get your refund if you eventually do not like how the mattress feels. Additionally, when it comes to lifespan, IKEA mattresses do not last long either. They only last up to about two years before showing signs of sagging. Other than that, yes, IKEA does offer a variety of mattresses, but on the other hand, you are almost only stuck to select a mattress with a medium firm feel.

Types of IKEA Mattresses

Latex Mattress

These mattresses are made from a sap-like material that produces air bubbles, which provides a firm feel with a buoyant support for alleviating any unnecessary pressure when you sleep. Additionally, the process of creating these mattresses are extremely eco-friendly because the materials used are made from 100% organic matter.

Spring Mattress

These mattresses, on the other hand, are composed of numerous coils that are put in the mix of other materials. This mattress offers fantastic support for the body as the springs help in balancing the amount of pressure. On top of that, the spring mattress is also great at neutralizing the temperature while sleeping.

The Memory Foam Mattress

Lastly, these mattresses combine memory foam with polyurethane foam to provide the perfect balance between comfort and support. This is because it is a well-known fact that memory foams are for contouring the body for optimal spinal support and for reducing pressure. In contrast, polyurethane foams have high density and resiliency. Therefore, creating the perfect balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

That really depends on each consumer. If you read our guide, it shows that IKEA mattresses offer an average to above average satisfaction with medium firm mattresses.

The IKEA company is well-known for selling products that are below average in cost. That is why it is no surprise that they sell mattresses at an extremely low price as well. Although some mattresses are either a hit or a miss with their value.

Although they do have a 25-year warranty, most IKEA mattresses don’t last anywhere close to 25 years. Based on research, the average lifespan of an IKEA mattress is only within 2 to 3 years.


Overall, IKEA mattresses are definitely not the type of mattresses that you might sleep on in a 5-star hotel. However, for the price of the mattresses – you can’t complain. 

Still, we can say if you need a budget mattress from a reputable company, IKEA is a good option. 

Also, you can be assured that they know what they’re doing. IKEA has been around for a long time and they know their consumers well. 

Their mattresses are perfect for anyone who’s only starting out in life, it’s also a great option for an extra guest room or, its budget-friendly appeal may be great as a first bed for kids and teens.

There’s definitely a reason why their mattresses are highly affordable. It’s just for you to answer why.


This guide is only meant to help shoppers to find their ideal mattress at IKEA. And it should not be used for any form of guide to treat medical conditions. Go to a doctor or health expert for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Table of Contents

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