Sleep & Growth: Understanding the Power of the Human Growth Hormone

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Growth plays an integral part in our lives. Our advantages and disadvantages in life depend on how we grow. Physically, the larger among us dominate. Those who are bigger and taller have a natural advantage over others. 

However, growth is not limited only to the size and tallness of a person. Growth can also mean development.

Development of the brain and other parts of the body. Additionally, the development of healthier organs and bones that are much less susceptible to disease and cells that can recover and prolong life.

From the time we are born until the day we die, we strive for growth. 

Be it physically or mentally. When we were children, we were taught to eat and sleep well so that we can grow tall and strong. Later on in life, we undergo progressive development of the brain through education so that our minds expand and develop. All that we do is for the betterment of human life, our lives, or of the others.

Our knowledge of growth as a human being has become better over the years. We now have a better understanding of how humans develop through continuous research and scientific study. Scientists have figured out that human growth and development is caused by a single complex protein they now call the human growth hormone.

What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is also known as Somatotropin, is a complex protein that is produced in the pituitary gland. It is a peptide hormone that is responsible for stimulating growth, reproduction of cells, and even cell regeneration in human beings and other animals. It is essential for the development of humans. 

The Human Growth Hormone is also responsible for the production of IGF-1, which helps in increasing the concentration of glucose in the blood to free fatty acids. Specifically, growth hormones are single-chain polypeptides and are 191-amino acids. This protein is synthesized and secreted by the somatotropic cells. These are found in the lateral part of the pituitary gland.

There are diseases related to the production of the Human Growth Hormone as it is possible to have an excess or a deficiency of it.

An excess of the Human Growth Hormone or Somatotropin can cause a pituitary tumor. These tumors are usually benign, but the growth can cause a variety of symptoms. Often, this tumor causes headaches and impaired vision caused by the pressure on the optic nerves.

If there is an excess of growth hormone production for a prolonged period, it can cause more severe damage to the body. The prolonged excess of Somatotropin can cause Acromegaly, a thickening of bones in the jaws, fingers, and the toes. This thickening in the bones makes the jaws heavier and the digits bigger. Aside from Acromegaly, a prolonged excess in the Human Growth Hormone can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, excess sweating, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, excess of sex hormone-binding globulin, weak muscles, and diminished sexual function.

The effects of a deficiency in the growth hormone are different depending on the age of the person. A lack in the Human Growth Hormone in children can stunt growth. Being growth hormone-deficient can cause the child to be short and to be late in maturing sexually. In adults, deficiency in Somatotropin can cause weaker bones, which will lead to osteoporosis and pathologic fractures.

However, it is rare for an adult to experience a lack of Somatotropin. Adults who suffer a growth hormone deficiency tend to lose a significant amount of muscle mass and build more fat tissues. They will also have less energy and a lesser quality of life.

There are several causes of growth hormone deficiency in adults. The first cause can be a continuation of a gap from their childhood, while another reason can be structural trauma or a rare idiopathic growth hormone deficiency.

There is treatment available for growth hormone deficiency:

Replacement therapy is used to treat patients with this problem. Exogenous growth hormones are introduced to the body of the patient and are monitored closely by doctors in case of adverse side effects. Patients who undergo replacement therapy experienced a significant loss in fat and an increase in muscle mass. Bones also become stronger while the lipid profile of the person improves. Additionally, Cardiovascular risks are reduced while the overall quality of life of the patient is improved.

The Importance of Sleep in Growth


When we were children, our parents always told us that it is crucial to get the right amount of sleep every day. 

We were forced to get in bed and expected to fall asleep and stay asleep for at least eight to nine hours a day. Parents would usually warn us that staying up late will stunt our growth.

What they had taught us when we were younger was not precisely accurate but was also not far from the truth. 

Sleeping less than the recommended number of ours for one night will not significantly affect growth. However, continuously sleeping less during the formative years of childhood and puberty can have significant effects on growth and development.

Human Growth Hormones are responsible for the growth of the human body and the development of cognitive functions. 

For the pituitary glands to produce and secrete the right amounts of this hormone, a person needs a good amount of sleep daily. That is because this hormone is released during sleep. 

Experts say that the pituitary gland secretes 75 percent of Somatotropin during sleep.

Growth hormones are secreted on the third stage of sleep. The third stage of the sleep cycle is where the person enters deep sleep. 

During this time, growth hormones are secreted, the immune system is regulated, and muscles and tissues are developed and repaired. With this information, we can ensure that a person gets the right amount of Human Growth Hormone by sleeping well. 

This only means that a person needs to be able to sleep straight and without interruption or bother. A good nights’ rest should be without any bright lights or distraction so that the body will be able to reach the third stage of sleep and produce the right amount of Human Growth Hormone.

Moreover, it is also important to note that a proper diet and sufficient exercise can help in the production of growth hormones in the body. That is why it is imperative to start a healthy and balanced lifestyle, even at an early age.

Growth Hormones and Age

The number of hormones produced in the body diminishes over time. It is evident that as we grow old, our skin is not as smooth, our muscles not as strong, and our brain not as sharp. This is the effect of the wear and tear of cells in the body, whereby they are not able to regenerate to how it was before. One of the reasons for this is because our bodies are no longer able to produce the same amount of growth hormones as when we were younger. These growth hormones are responsible not just for growth but also for cell regeneration.

According to research studies, the levels of Somatotropin start to diminish significantly, beginning at the age of 30. These are the times when wrinkles start to appear at the sides of the eyes while hair begins to recede. A big part of the cause for the diminished growth hormones in the body is the unhealthy lifestyle and lack of sleep. As adults, some other things become a priority over health like children and careers. This, in turn, will harm the body. Low levels of Somatotropin do not make a person age faster. Moreover, it also increases the chances of heart disease and diabetes.

Are HGH Pills Available?

With technology, somatotropin supplements are available with a doctor’s prescription. However, the use of HGH supplements needs to be closely monitored by a doctor to ensure that the side effects are managed right away.

Studies show that there is a significant correlation between growth hormones and cell regeneration; there has been a buzz about using it as an anti-aging supplement. People intend to take Somatotropin or other supplements that induce the production of growth hormones, to keep themselves young. Today, several supplements and creams claim to increase the levels of growth hormones in the body. However, the majority of these supplements and lotions have no approved therapeutic claims and are not authorized by the Food and Drug Authority.

Athletes and Growth Supplements

Athletes have been known to use or ingest anything that can make them stronger, faster, and better than their competition. 

A bit of history:

In ancient Greece, athletes would eat garlic before a match as they believed it to be a superfood, which increased their strength and stamina. 

Today, there is a plethora of food supplements and enhancer drugs specially made to make the human body push its limits. Steroids and designer enhancer drugs are taken by top athletes in the hope that they become the top contender in their chosen sports. 

However, regulations are in place to keep the games safe and to promote competition. Doping is not allowed, and many drugs and steroids cannot be used if one wishes to participate in competitive sports.

Because of regulations, athletes and their sponsors try to find ways to get away with performance enhancers and use drugs and supplements that are difficult to test. One of these supplements is growth hormone supplements. 

Since Somatotropin is a potent endogenous protein, it is challenging to detect. Athletes who use growth hormones can quickly get away with it.

Another reason why athletes prefer to use growth hormones is that the side effects are not as severe compared to most steroids. If it is taken with the help of an export doctor, the side effects can be managed easily and reversed.

Naturally Increasing HGH in the Body

Under the Crime Control Act of 1990, the distribution and possession of human growth hormones for any use other than the treatment of recognized medical conditions and diseases is a felony. The use of growth hormones without a medical prescription is illegal.

However, you don’t need to take supplements to increase the amounts of growth hormones in the body. Remember that our bodies naturally create, store, and secrete Human Growth Hormones through the pituitary gland. That means that our body can increase the level of Somatotropin naturally. All you have to do is follow some steps to induce your body to do it.

Lose fat

Studies found that a low level of HGH causes the body to increase body fat. Moreover, the more fat there is in the body, the lower the level of growth hormones. Subjects in the research study who lost fat had their level of HGH return to normal. Losing fat is very important in staying young. By keeping your fat low, you will be able to optimize the levels of HGH in your body. Aside from that, your health will be better, and your risk of heart disease will be reduced.

Intermittent Fasting

Research suggests that by doing intermittent fasting, the level of the human growth hormone in the body increases. Other studies show that fasting for two to three days, doubles or triples the level of HGH in the body.

Exercise Regularly

One of the most effective ways to increase Human Growth Hormones in the body is by exercising. Regular exercise and high-intensity activities like sprinting and weight training, and circuit training stimulate the pituitary gland to create and secrete Somatotropin. Aside from boosting the pituitary gland, regular exercise helps in lowering your body fat, which in turn helps in increasing the levels of HGH in your body.

Sleep Like A Baby

One of the best ways to stay young is to sleep well. Health is wealth, and it should be a priority. Make sure that you get a good night’s rest that is uninterrupted. Make sure that you can sleep deeply and reach the third stage of sleep where the pituitary gland is activated to produce growth hormones in your body. It is recommended that a person sleeps seven to nine hours a day. If you are a very busy person, make it a point to at least sleep seven hours a day. This will make a big difference to your aging process, and it will make a difference in your energy level and overall quality of life too.


As human beings, we strive to live eternally. But as death is inevitable, all we can hope for is a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. To be able to do that, we must take care of our health. With our better understanding of our bodies through science, we are now equipped with the right tools to prolong our lives further.

In addition, getting the right amount of sleep is key to achieving tiptop health and proper growth.

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Table of Contents

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