Haven Rejuvenate Mattress: A Full 2022 Review (Buy or Avoid?)

Haven Rejuvenate

Haven Rejuvenate Mattress


Manufactured by Canadian Mattress company, Haven, the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress is great for anyone looking for specific firmness levels – either soft or firm. However, our evaluations show that it’s not best for couples. It may disrupt the sleep of either partners. Find out more about the Haven Rejuvenate in our unbiased review here.

No reward is greater after a day of hard, honest work than a good night’s sleep in your own bed covered in clean, crisp sheets. However, a refreshing, restful, and good-quality sleep doze is only possible if you sleep on the right mattress for you.

If so, then you can check out the all-foam Haven Rejuvenate Mattress. Made of modern, environmentally friendly materials, this product promises a great deal of comfort as well as a great addition to your room’s sleeping system.

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Let’s see if the Rejuvenate Mattress lives up to its namesakes.

Ideal Customers for the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress

Many people all over the country want to doze in soft mattresses for a comfortable night’s sleep.  However, the standard inner coil spring mattresses are often too firm to provide adequate support, pinpoint pressure relief, and overall comfort for people who want softer beds.

As an all-foam mattress, the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress is perfect for those who want to sleep with plenty of support to sensitive areas of the body such as the hips and shoulders. People who sleep on their side will definitely be happy due to this level of support.

The Haven Rejuvenate Mattress is also ideal for people suffering from certain orthopedic-related ailments. Pinpoint support allows the bed to provide much needed “cradling” on all those aching body parts. People with arthritis, rheumatism, or joint pain will find great comfort and relief when they lie down on this mattress.

The good thing about the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress is that they have two options: soft and firm. The soft mattress is perfect for those sleepers described above. The firm mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Thus, before buying a Rejuvenate Mattress, consider how you actually sleep at night.

Features of the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress

How does the Rejuvenate Mattress feel? Is it like any other foam bed? Or does it have some unique magic in it that makes it better than its competitors? Our sleep testers made a thorough check to help find out if this mattress is for you.


The Haven Rejuvenate Mattress is a high quality all-foam mattress. It is constructed out of layers of memory foam, latex, and poly-foam. All the foam materials are eco-friendly and safe as the manufacturer holds a CertiPur US certification. This means the materials used in the construction of the bed are safe, non-toxic, does not emit harmful substances, and are friendly to the environment.


The mattress starts off with an all-natural plant based cover made of a special bamboo and Celliant blend. The eco-friendly vent-woven cover is breathable and cool to the touch. The bamboo infusion, part of the cover’s STA Cool Moisture Management Technology, also helps the fabric wick away moisture. This allows a much cooler and drier snooze.

The cover might even offer some health benefits with its “Body Recovery Technology.” According to researchers, Celliant fabrics can regulate blood flow by converting body heat to infrared energy. This infrared energy is thought to improve circulation.

Comfort layer

Below the cooling bamboo and Celliant cover is a 1-inch layer of natural Talalay latex foam. Talalay latex is a natural substance derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. It is supportive and highly breathable, allowing air to move freely inside the foam matrix. Therefore, this layer augments the cooling capability of the cover by dissipating heat.

To further make cooling more efficient, Haven incorporated copper infusion to the foam, allowing the foam to actually aerate. Haven proudly call this feature Hypothalamus Temperature Control.

In addition to its cooling function, the Talalay latex comfort layer offers adequate support that adds shape and firmness to the bed.

Contour layer

The next layer forms the heart of the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress, the patented Bio-visco Slow Sink foam. The contour layer is made of gel memory foam, a space-age foam known for its contouring properties. Millions of air pockets in the foam react to body heat, allowing it to perfectly conform to your body’s curves, bulges, and shape. The memory foam is what provides pressure relief and precise support to the sleeper.

Memory foam is inherently hot due to its physical properties. To combat this, Haven infused cooling gel in their Bio-visco Slow Sink memory foam to prevent it from becoming too hot and uncomfortable.

Transition Layer

The Haven Rejuvenate Mattress comes in two models: soft and firm support. The transition layer is what differentiates both models. As a common denominator, this layer is made of a 3-inch PureGel quick-response organic open-cell bio foam. This helps support the softer layers above it and acts as a barrier for the firm base layer.

The transition layer is more firm and has a consistent feel all around the mattress, making this version ideal for back sleepers. The soft version has a more pliable spot in the upper middle of the foam, providing pressure relief in the shoulder area.

Base layer

The base layer consists of 5 inches of high-density, slow-sink, and organic poly foam that gives the Rejuvenate Mattress its support and safety. In both soft and firm versions, this layer prevents sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress.

Comfort Level

How does the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress fare with sleepers? Let’s check out how comfortable it is.

Softness and Firmness

Sleep testers use a scale to assess the comfort level of a mattress. 1 means the mattress is as soft as a bed of cotton while 10 means as hard as a rock. A comfortable average, labeled as “medium-firm,” is placed at an industry standard of 6.5.

The soft version of the mattress is rated at a respectable 5.5. The softness provides pressure relief on the hips and shoulders while keeping the broader parts of the body at level with the bed’s surface. The firmer version is rated at 7.5, which is actually quite firm. This allows the bed to provide better spinal support for those who sleep on their tummy or back.

Note though that the above ratings are computed as average. There are other factors to be considered such as: body shape, size, weight, sleeping position, existing body conditions which make the ratings different to each individual. For example, a light and petite person may score the soft bed at 6 or 6.5 while a heavyset person may score the firm bed at 6 or 5.5.

Pressure relief

Back sleepers will find both soft and firm models of the Rejuvenate Mattress comfortable. The bed has just the right amount of softness and firmness to provide adequate support.

Stomach sleepers will have to opt the firm version. The firm mattress helps keep their spine, hips, and lower back in proper alignment. The soft mattress, on the other hand, may not be a good option. It is too soft and allows the stomach and chest to sink deep into the mattress. This keeps the spine bent and out of alignment.

For side sleepers, the soft Rejuvenate mattress is an ideal choice. The memory foam sinks at the shoulders, hips, and knees, providing pressure relief at these points. The rest of the mattress supports the rest of the body.


How bouncy a mattress determines how a person would feel if he changes position. The soft Rejuvenate mattress doesn’t have a lot of bounce. This means that changing positions may be difficult as the foam sinks too deeply in some positions and supports in others.

The firmer version, on the other hand, has a bouncier surface. However, our sleep testers still feel that shifting position across the bed is a bit stiff.

Motion isolation

If you’re sleeping together with a partner, having a bed with good motion isolation is important. A mattress with good motion isolation allows you to remain comfortable and undisturbed even if your partner shifts around.

Unfortunately, upon testing, both soft and firm Haven Rejuvenate mattresses transfer motion from one side to another. As the weight of the heavier person sinks the top layer, the foam’s depression “pulls” the lighter person towards the heavier sleeper.

This makes sleeping through the night a challenge, especially if your partner, or the both of you) are restless sleepers.

Temperature regulation

The breathable cover already makes the mattress feel cool to the touch. Combined with the other layers of foam, which are specifically formulated and designed to improve air circulation, the Rejuvenate Mattress feels cool and comfortable.

Haven needs to be commended for this; they used or designed foam materials that specifically counter the inherent heat retention problem of memory foam.

Different sizes

The Haven Rejuvenate Mattress comes in a variety of sizes, allowing it to fit in any bedroom size. Check out the available sizes, dimensions, and the prices below. Note that the prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and can change any time without prior notice.

Size Dimensions Price in CAD
38 x 74.5 x 10 inches
Twin XL
38 x 79.5 x 10 inches
53 x 74.5 x 10 inches
60 x 79.5 x 10 inches
76 x 79.5 x 10 inches
California King
72 x 83.5 x 10 inches

Other enticing stuff

Buying a Haven Rejuvenate mattress is also a great experience due to the after-care services the company offers.

Made to order

The Haven Rejuvenate mattress is made to order. That means when you buy a Rejuvenate mattress, you’re getting a fresh, brand-new product. Not a moldy one that is stuck in a showroom or a warehouse.

Free shipping

Purchases are shipped across Canada within 2 to 3 business days upon the date of order. Orders arrive at your door within 7 days, depending on your location. Shipping is free for orders within Canada.

Like many other beds-in-a-box, the product comes to you compressed and properly packed.

Free trial

Haven understands that the comfort of a newly bought bed depends on a customer’s preferences, needs, sleeping positions, body type, and a whole lot of other factors. Since there’s actually no “universal” bed, they are kind enough to provide a 100-night risk-free trial so you could test out the bed. That is actually more than 3 months of testing.

If during the 100-night trial, you decide that the mattress falls short of your expectation, you can return the product to the manufacturer and get a refund less the shipping expense. Get in touch with their customer service team for the return process.

10-year warranty

Should you decide to keep your purchase, your Haven Rejuvenate mattress is covered with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. The warranty covers defects and damages against shoddy workmanship or subpar materials.

The warranty does not cover damage from regular use and normal wear and tear. It doesn’t apply to damage due to mishandling, misuse, or abuse as well.


Despite generally positive reviews, the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress does have some drawbacks.

This softness also makes it difficult to actually shift into another sleeping position unless the sleeper is lightweight or average in body weight.


The great thing about the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress is that it comes in 2 varieties: soft and firm. This allows you to pick up the right mattress depending on your sleeping position, body weight, and other factors. You don’t have to suffer from potential discomfort from “universal” beds.

However, the lack of bounce and poor motion isolation characteristics makes this bed a poor choice for couples, whatever the option. If you’re planning to share a bed with your partner, better check out other options.

Apart from these drawbacks, the Haven Rejuvenate Mattress lives up to its name, being a “haven” for comfort and being able to “rejuvenate” you after a long, hard day.

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