The Haven Premier Mattress: Review & Buyer’s Guide (2022)

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Haven Premier Mattress


Boasting of giving sleepers hotel-like sleep, the Haven Premier Mattress may just convince you to upgrade your old mattress. Constructed with 5 layers of high-quality foam, it’s recommended for back sleepers and for anyone who’s a fan of firmer mattresses. If you fall into any of those categories and want to sleep like your in a luxurious hotel, you may want to check out our full review.

We know it, you’re looking for a luxurious sleeping experience every night. With this in mind, we recommend you check out one of 2020’s brand new beds- the Haven Premier.

The Haven mattress is a 12-inch memory foam built with premium foams and a quilted cover. Aside from being made from the best materials, the Haven Premier offers you interesting and unique features, making it stand out from the other mattresses available in the market. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty parts of this review, we’ll run down some essential highlights about the Haven Mattress, which we will also talk about in-depth in this review later on.

The Haven mattress:

Just some bits and pieces of information about the manufacturer, the Haven is known as the sister brand of Idle Sleep. This brand is also the newest mattress line created by the Idle Group.

We get it; you might have second thoughts about this mattress, considering it’s a new brand. 

But, take note that Idle Sleep (it’s sister brand and both made by Idle Group) has been in the mattress industry for years now. And mind you, they make one of the best mattresses around the world!

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Haven Premier Mattress In-Depth Review

At this point, let’s get to know more about the Haven Premier mattress. First off, let’s do a quick run down through every layer of this new mattress to discuss its materials and construction. Afterwhich, let’s talk about how comfortable this mattress can get.

Haven Premier Vs. Haven Boutique Mattresses

Haven presents two different mattress kinds, namely the Haven Premier and the Haven Boutique. 

The Haven Premier measures about 12 inches high, while the Haven Boutique is 14 inches high. The latter is considered to be this mattress line’s most luxurious option.

Among the two models of Haven mattresses, we consider the Haven Premier the more basic one. It’s made with premium quality soft and cottony cover with its:

The Haven Premier has better firmness than the Boutique and is given the 6-7 out of the ten perfect ratings on the firmness scale.

However, note that your firmness experience on any mattress will always depend on your weight and the kind of sleeper you are (neck, back, stomach.)

The Haven Premier’s buoyancy foam is infused with the top layer, performing an excellent job in giving out a great pressure relief, without making the users feel like they’re sinking too far off from the mattress. 

One thing that’s great about its construction is that the transition foam layer backs it up.

It is made with comfort foam layers that give out an excellent sleep cool experience. 

This mattress model of Haven is highly recommended for back sleepers and those seeking extra firmness experience on their mattresses.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, we also highly recommend this mattress since you’ll feel better support for your hips. And of course, heavy users would also fall in love with the firmness of this mattress.

Haven Boutique

Comparing the two mattress models of Haven, this is the more luxurious model compared to the Haven Premier. 

What’s great about this mattress is that it has a cotton cover with a 500 GSM rating, making it smooth and soft. It features a cover made with one inch of cooling foam buoyancy. Although, it’s made with the same cotton fire barrier just like the Premier. 

The Haven Boutique mattress offers 2 inches of foam buoyancy located under the fire barrier. Situated below the fire barrier is 3 inches of memory foam, unlike the Premier, which features a transition foam.

This construction gives the Haven Boutique a better contour, allowing it to provide deeper pressure relief.

Also, the Haven boutique features a combination of quilted memory foams located at its middle layer, making it quite softer than the Premier with a 5 out of 10 firmness.

With this feature, we highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers looking for better pressure relief. 

This mattress also serves as a good choice for lightweight users who like to experience a plush and luxurious bed. 

The Haven Boutique costs $899. Although it’s more expensive than the Premier, you can say it will only cost you “a little bit more,” considering the massive difference between the two models.

Design And Construction

The inside structure of the mattress is just as important as it’s physical aesthetics. Thus, you must know what goes into every model of Haven Premier mattress. 

The Haven Mattress is composed of three different foam layers, which overall amounts to 12 inches thickness of the bed.

To start, let’s talk about the top layer.

Haven Mattress top layer is a 3-inch buoyant cooling foam, infused with gel memory foam making it cooler and breathable compared to the traditional memory foam. It has a better response and offers excellent pressure relief and support to the users. 

The middle layer of the mattress is a 2-inch layer of supportive transition foam. Aside from offering deep comfort, this layer also provides excellent breathability. Its responsive features ensure that the top layer of the memory foam creates a great balance of responsiveness and contour. 

And of course, we have the 7 inches of a dense base layer foam responsible for the mattress’s solid foundation.This layer serves as a sturdy and supportive platform to ensure all comfort layers function well. 

Overall, all three layers work together to offer users excellent support and comfort, making it an ideal mattress. The Haven Premier is wrapped with a thermal regulated quilted top cover, paired up with a washable base cover making it easy to maintain.

What’s great about this layer is that it works in conjunction with your body to ensure you feel cool if you’re a hot sleeper. It’s safe to say that this layer helps you have a better sleeping experience.


The Haven mattress brings a medium-firm feel hotel quality mattress that works well in conjunction with its comfort layers and solid base foam. Thus, making it work for a wide range of sleepers. 

This mattress works well with a combination of sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers. But if you’re a strict side sleeper, you may want to go for a softer bed. But if you’re a side sleeper and prefer a firmer mattress, you might appreciate the Haven Premier mattress.

The Haven mattress’s comfort foams are well balanced, allowing you to feel like you’re sinking enough in the bed without losing support. This mattress also presents a great buoyancy and sink, allowing you to change your sleeping positions easily. 

Thus, offering users a universal comfort across all sleeping types.

Motion Isolation

One thing you should always remember about all-foam beds is that they provide excellent motion transfer. You don’t need to worry if you’re sleeping with a partner that moves a lot since the Haven Premier Mattress makes sleeping disturbance very minimal.

As mentioned, this mattress is structured with several layers of foam, making it excellent at absorbing all kinds of movement. We highly recommend this mattress to users who share a bed with a partner.

Coolness And Breathability

The thing about all-foam beds is that they tend to hold more heat, making it less ideal if you’re a hot sleeper. Although if you’re a warm sleeper, you may appreciate its temperature neutralization and regulation features, which means you might not find this bed too bad after all.

What’s great about the Haven Premier is that although it’s an all-foam mattress, its layers are structured with premium properties and materials helping it to reduce trapping too much heat.

Edge Support

When choosing a new mattress to get, one common factor you need to consider is how durable and sturdy the bed is. Remember that a mattress’s edge support is a great consideration when you’re looking at using a mattress from all its sides. Great edge support also means that it would be easy for you to get in and out of the bed and occasional sitting.

Being 12 inches thick, the Haven Premier Mattress offers dense and solid foams, providing a sturdy and supportive perimeter around the mattress.

Size And Pricing

Here is a breakdown of all sizes available for Haven Premier Mattress, and as well as its cost.

Size Price
Twin Haven Premier
Twin XL Haven Premier
Full Haven Premier
Queen Haven Premier
King Haven Premier

Haven Premier Mattress Benefits

What’s great about the Haven Premier mattress is that it offers the perfect balance of comfort, support, and firmness, making it ideal for all sleepers.

With its excellent motion isolation, you’re confident to experience minimal sleep disturbance if you sleep with a partner. Its outstanding edge support allows you to get in and out of bed quickly, and consistently sit on its edges.

Haven Premier Mattress: All You Need To Know About Ordering Online

We get it; the idea of buying a mattress online may scare you. Unless buying online is something that you are used to. But, we’ve laid down below how easy ordering a Haven Premier Mattress is. We’ll share with you the essential specifics when you order a mattress at 

We guarantee you it’s both convenient and enjoyable!

Here is how the logistics of ordering a mattress online, until you finally unveil it for yourselves!

What we love about the Haven Premier Mattress is that it offers an 18 months trial period and a lifetime warranty.

Haven Premier Mattress Complaints

Considering that the Haven Premier Mattress is a new line released in the market, it may be too early to say that it presents issues and problems from existing users. Although, you might say that the main issue with the Haven Premier Mattress is because it’s disheartening performance is still unknown.

But taking into consideration that its manufacturer, the Idle sleep, is a key player in the mattress industry with an excellent reputation and customer service, we’re pretty confident that this brand won’t let you down.

The main fact that its manufacturers have been creating mattresses for years is that they offer an 18-months trial, and a lifetime warranty means you and your product are protected.

The Bottomline

Overall despite it being new in the market, we can say that the Haven Premier Mattress is everything that you could ever ask for, most especially if you’re looking for a hotel-quality kind of mattress.

It has high-quality construction, motion isolation, comfort, and support that’s ideal for all sorts of users. Although take note that since it’s still new, it’s disadvantages are still unknown. So, it would be better to be observant as soon as you get your own Haven Premier Mattress. 

Or, you could also take a look at customer reviews on their website, however, they are quite minimal. But don’t worry; your 18-months free trial and lifetime warranty is more than enough back-up!

But hey, what’s not to love sleeping on a hotel-like mattress in the comfort of your home!

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