Haven Boutique Mattress 2022 Review: Is This Mattress Worth It?


Haven Boutique Mattress


With an industry-leading sleep trial period of 18 months along with an Everlasting Warranty for free repairs and replacements, the Haven Boutique Mattress comes with some additional features that make it a great mattress to own. Designed to be both thick and uber-comfortable, it boasts of hotel-like sleep for less. Read our full review if you want to see if it’s a good mattress purchase for you.

Have you ever woken up with a strained back or stiff neck? Then that is a good indicator that it is time to replace your mattress. Haven has established its name when it comes to making mattresses. 

After hours of testing and evaluation, we will tell you more about one of its mattress models, the Haven Boutique Mattress. If you’ve been thinking of buying this particular mattress, our in-depth review can help you decide if this mattress is for you.

A Sneak Peek At Haven Boutique Mattress

Haven firmly believes that the best mattress would be one that supports your spine correctly and contours your unique body shape. With the Haven Boutique Mattress, you can anticipate getting up from bed every single day feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

We know that not everyone has the luxury of time to conduct research into doing mattress reviews, so we deliver a few highlights of the Haven Boutique Mattress. We will give you a glance of what the Haven Boutique mattress offers, its features, and benefits so it can help you decide your mattress needs.

How do I pick the best mattress?

Aside from checking out product reviews and features of mattresses, it is best to pick a mattress based on your own needs. Here are some points to consider from yourself, then match your own assessment results to the product reviews that you would be seeing.

Sleeping Position

There are many different sleeping positions, but the goal is to find a mattress that will keep a neutral alignment for your spine, and that there should be less stress on your hips, shoulders, and knees as these are where the pressure points are. 

Most stomach sleepers would need a firmer mattress than those who are side sleepers as they can do with a softer surface, while back sleepers can fall somewhere in between. 

Consider your most comfortable sleeping position when selecting your mattress, for most back sleepers, support and firmness are the top priorities. If a back-sleeper’s mattress is too soft, the body will sink into the mattress and eventually result in back pain. So, a back sleeper will need a mattress that is firm enough to provide support but soft enough to provide pressure relief. Therefore, on a scale between 1-10, then the perfect range for a back sleeper would fall into a 5-7.

Budget Range

Mattress prices would greatly be dependent on the features and benefits that the product can provide. Ensure that the item you are looking into would be able to justify its price with the features it offers and of course benefits it can bring to you. 

Additionally, it would be more cost-efficient if the product comes with warranty. Instead of getting a totally new mattress, then the warranty can handle complaints you might be having, thus saving you money. Also consider shipping cost in your budget. Other brands also offer coupons upon purchase.

An In-Depth Review of the Haven Boutique Mattress

Who makes Haven Boutique Mattress?

The brand Haven has already made its mark for its prolonged trial period, lifetime warranty, and high-quality products yet maintaining a nominal price for their items. 

The company custom-designs their memory foams to create highly innovative inventions. Haven’s state-of-the art facility is located in South Carolina, and with a keen eye for details and aiming for perfection, they produce their products following eco-friendly manufacturing protocols for zero carbon-emission. 

Three of the top reasons why Haven is a reliable option are its free shipping, hassle-free returns, and an everlasting warranty. They even have professional White Glove Service that you can avail for an additional cost to help you setup your new Haven mattress and take your old one away.

What is a Haven Boutique Mattress?

This featured Boutique Mattress is made by Haven which is a renowned company for its bed-in-box, affordable, and still top-quality sleep products. Haven’s reasonable price range and customer-friendly programs make them a top-favorite among those who want to safely invest into unruffled sleep. 

Four premium layers of foam are piled on top of each other to create a 14 inches Haven Boutiques Mattress. Overall, below are some of its general features.

up 1


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What is the Haven Boutique Mattress made of?

The Haven Boutique Mattress is constructed with thick, premium layers that provide it with 14 inches of comfort and support that every sleeper needs. These layers are encased with a cool, 100% cotton cover. Let’s have a closer look at each component:

The Cover

A removable luxurious 500GSM all-natural pure cotton cover that comes with gel sewn into the quilted surface wraps the Haven buoyancy foam. The ice fabric cover will surely give this mattress an immediate chill to the touch. The gel sewn right into the surface will guarantee that the mattress will remain cool where it should. Not to forget that this cover is durable, washable, and replaceable for easy care. It can be easily removed by unzipping from the side.

The First Layer

The first layer is made of 1-inch cooling buoyancy foam, a custom blend of breathable cooling foam with phase changing properties that should help regulate body temperature all year round. This material should help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Additionally, it has a springy texture that will assist in equal weight distribution and excellent bounce for easy movement. The first layer’s plush comfort will let you experience a slight dip but still remains to be highly responsive so you would not have that stuck-in feel.

The Second Layer

Under the top layer is a 3-inches custom-blended foam and gel buoyancy foam. This layer does not only benefit you with its cooling feel, but it comes with a blend of foam that is more responsive and supportive than a memory foam. Since this layer reacts faster than a memory foam then it makes it ideal for getting spinal support and at relieving pressure as you toss around in your sleep. Aside from its cooling gel molecules for additional comfort, the foal polymers also provide extraordinary motion isolation so your partner and you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

The Third Layer

There is another 3-inches layer, it is made of Haven memory foam. The Haven memory foam offers optimum conformity for deeper comfort and better support than most traditional memory foams. This layer also helps relieve aching joints with its hug-like support features. Haven’s patented memory foam also is temperature neutral, which means it has lesser heat retention or it does not warm up to keep even the hot sleepers comfortable. Furthermore, this foam does not hold shape and bounces back quickly with its deep compression support, which means zero pressure formation on your hips, legs, and shoulders regardless of your sleeping position preference.

The Mattress Base

The last layer is a dense 7-inches thick solid, sturdy, and durable base foam designed for enduring core support as well as adding superior stability to the entire construction. This layer is denser than the industry standard of 1.8 pounds for foam base, making the Haven Boutique Mattress extra durable, keeping all the layers above it to be firm and in shape even after years of use. The dense composition of this base layer will allow the two resilient layers above it to optimally perform. And then each layer will perfectly complement their functions resulting in exceptionally isolated movement.

How comfortable is the Haven Boutique Mattress?

Now we know what this Haven Boutique Mattress is made of, it will be easier for us to understand the benefits it can bring. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to enjoy with a Haven Boutique Mattress.


Cool Sleeping Comfort

The Haven Boutique Mattress’s advanced cooling technologies diminish heat and reduce moisture to keep the surface comfortable and cool even for hot sleepers. Its gel-infusion feature will regulate sleep temperature all through different seasons in a year. 

Aside from the foam’s cooling features, it has an Ice Cool cover that is a starter to ensure that the sleeper never gets too hot. The gel that is sewn right into the quilted surface of the cover will offer an instant cooling effect. Each of its foam layer is also enhanced with advanced technology that results in a cooler and more breathable mattress that will not hold heat.

Motion and Disturbance Limitation

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, it is very important to minimize your partner’s disturbance with a mattress that comes with great motion isolation. The Haven Boutique Mattress has little to no motion transfer as it absorbs vibrations thus minimizing any movements from transferring.

Sustainability and Ease of Care

A lot of people would consider a mattress’s sustainability and how natural it is when buying one. It is important to select a non-GMO, non-toxic and 100% natural mattress especially that you will be on its surface as you sleep. The Haven Boutique Mattress is made with all these three qualities. The durable construction and premium materials are chemical-free to suit the need of people who are prone to nose and skin allergies. This means you will have a safer and cleaner sleep night after night, resulting to a happier, healthier, and more harmonious life.

What are other Haven Boutique Mattress benefits?

Beyond material quality and comfort, the Haven Boutique Mattress offers additional benefits aside from its top-rated mattress performance. Here are some extra tidbits worth knowing if you decide to purchase a Haven Boutique Mattress.

Free Shipping

Haven offers free shipping and curbside delivery all through the USA through UPS. You can receive your Haven mattress within 4-10 business days depending on your availability and location. Of course, the company will provide you with a tracking number to inquire about or trace your package.

White Glove Service

Though the Haven Boutique Mattress is very easy to set up as all you have to do is unbox the mattress and leave it to decompress for about 48 hours, yet you can still get their White Glove Service to help you set up your new Haven mattress at an additional charge. The White Glove Delivery Service will also take care of removing your old mattress.

Extended Free Trial

You can enjoy 18 months of risk-free-trial to fully feel the mattress’s performance in your own home. The prolonged free trial period will help you experience and analyze its functionality all through different seasons.

Free Returns

In case you really do not like your Haven Boutique Mattress, then you can either claim a 100% refund using Haven’s 100% cash-back-guarantee or get a replacement. The return shipping will be free of charge, but Haven would best encourage you to try the mattress for at least 30 days before placing a return or refund request as every new mattress may take some time getting used to.

Everlasting Warranty

The brand Haven provides a lifetime warranty to all of their mattresses, which clearly manifests the longevity and premium quality of their products. The company warranty will cover all types of manufacturing defects like breakage due to regular use, or indentation however the warranty will not entertain claims for intentional damage to the product.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Your body will usually give you signs that it is time to replace your mattress, signs like neck or back pain, stiffness, body aches or numbness. If you catch yourself waking up more frequently in the middle of the night as you toss and turn trying to find a position and bed area that you would fall back asleep on are other telltale signs too. Any sleep disturbance that is not related to sleep apnea can be how your body is telling you that it needs a relaxing mattress for you to be able to sleep more soundly.

The best month to go mattress shopping is usually the month of May as this is the usual season when mattress retailers want to clean out older models. Mattress companies will usually introduce new product lines by June and these will normally all sell out by September. 

Any old models should be on sale a few months after - which brings us back to the month of May as the best month to get a good deal on a new mattress.

The Final Verdict

The Haven Boutique Mattress offers impressive features that would surely help you have a good night’s sleep. There is not much to worry if you would get the Haven mattress as you can try out their products for a risk-free 18-month trial period anyway. I am pretty sure though that as you “try” the mattress, within that trial period you would already get to love the product so much you would not even think of returning it.


If you believe you have difficulty sleeping due to physical aches and pains, have PTSD or other similar mental health conditions, it is best to personally consult a medical or psychological health professional. This article will only provide general information and should not be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment.

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