Casper vs. Yogabed Comparison Guide (2022): Everything You Need To Know


Casper vs. Yogabed


Great mattresses that offer both excellent motion transfer and edge support, Casper’s mattresses and Yogabed mattresses mostly differ only in their firmnness levels and its ability to “sink”. Which one’s best for you? See our complete comparison guide here.

Are you in the middle of scouting for the perfect mattress for you?

Are you quite confused about which kind of mattress you should choose because of all the different types of beds available in the market?

Well, you just came to the right place.

Today, we’ll be talking about two of the best mattresses made with the masses in mind (and will surely fit your pockets budget-wise)

Let’s talk about Yogabeds and Casper Beds.

How different are they from each other?

What’s better than the other?

What’s the right pick among the two?

Well, we’re just about to find out!

Getting to Know Yogabeds and Casper Beds

Well, before getting your pick, you would have to know what these mattresses exactly are, right? Although both mattresses are quite similar when it comes to providing a bed fit for the average sleeper, they still make quite the difference that may be better than others for you.

Let’s begin with the Casper Beds.

Casper Beds

casper bed

Casper Beds have been leading the sleeping industry ever since 2014 and has just taken the world by storm. As a pioneer in the bed-in-a-box industry, this bed has always offered the best standards. It’s sleeping characteristics and benefits are one of the best compared to other mattresses in the market. 

Casper Mattresses measure at 12″ and usually regarded as the perfect mattress. 

Why so?

Aside from this bed offering every price point, it also delivers improved innovative traditions. This helps them stay competitive in the sleeping industry despite the new wave of other brands.


yogabed 1

Yogabeds, on the other hand, although considered one of the new brands in the sleeping industry, is inspired by the benefits of yoga and offers new proprietary foams, breaking the all-foam field.

Yogabeds are 10″ mattresses which are known to have a faster reaction and sleep cooler than any traditional memory foams offered in the market. This is also known to be the perfect choice for those looking for a medium firmness option, as it uses additional gel-infused foam to whisk away heat located in the middle layer of the mattress.

With its isolation on motion, cooling properties, and edge support, this mattress suits most of any sleeper’s comfort levels.

Casper Beds Vs. Yogabeds


Now that we know the basic things about Casper Beds and Yogabeds, let’s proceed to each other’s characteristics.

This will help you get to know more about each aspect of each bed and finally help you choose the most suitable pick for you.


Casper Beds

Let’s start with one of the essential points people consider when buying beds- it’s comfort.

The Casper mattress gives a universal feel, which makes it suitable for most people. This is mainly because it provides a medium feel for the firmness, which is perfect for stomach sleepers who usually need support to prevent back bowing and help in spinal alignment. With its lumbar support, it also helps back sleepers to get a good alignment, especially since it gives a feel of a gentle neck and shoulder hug.

Although side sleepers may entirely pass on this because this mattress doesn’t offer enough sinking of hips and shoulders (which is needed for pressure relief.)

Overall, we can say that the comfort of this mattress may not be one-size-fits-all.


Now, on to the Yogabeds.

Yogabeds generally offer the feeling of medium comfort as its top layers can give softness, and the support layers are the ones giving firm strength. Unlike for the Casper mattress, this bed is more suitable for side sleepers because it offers pressure points relief and healthy spinal alignment.

With the Yogabeds contouring properties, it would also be very much comfortable for back sleepers. Although, this may not be preferred by stomach sleepers who need a stronger support system.

Materials And Construction

Casper Beds

Casper beds are made of 4 different layers. Let’s discuss them one by one:


Yoga Beds also contain four layers of foams. These are the following layers you have to know of:


Casper Beds

Unlike most mattresses, the cover of a Casper Bed can be quite different. It contains a zipper that runs halfway up the mattress alongside the entire edge where you can unzip and detach the cover of the Casper Bed right away.

Note that you can drop this cover right away to any standard washer. It makes it very easy to clean.


The Yogabed offers a “Zip & Wash” feature for its cover. It is an exquisite design (even with a very easy zipper replacement), so you can remove and wash it quickly.

Motion Transfer

Casper Beds

With a Casper Mattress only being made from foam, it can help with an undisturbed sleep most especially because of its motion transfer qualities.

The foam is able to absorb any vibration within the bed successfully. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any of those sleepless nights any longer. The movement is usually isolated within the area where the motion came from.

This is why this foam is perfect for light sleepers.


The Yogabed is also able to provide a good quality experience with its motion transfer technology. With it being an all-foam mattress, motion felt within the bed is only minimal as it is designed to absorb vibrations from the mattress.

Like the Casper Mattress, it is also able to isolate movements within areas of origin, which makes it the right mattress for the light sleepers.

Sleeping Cool

Casper Beds

Casper beds are excellent when it comes to their sleep cool technology. Casper beds use woven stretch knit covers, which are breathable and help when it comes to pulling away heat from your body when sleeping.

The foam also prevents your body from sinking too much on the mattress. With this, heat doesn’t get trapped around your body because of the mattress’ increased airflow.


Yogabeds (just like Casper beds) is perfect when it comes to its sleep technology too. With its Instant Response YogaFoam layer separating your body from the top later, it helps stop heat retention on your mattress. It also uses an open-cell structure that pulls heat away from your body.

 Overall, Yogabeds provide good airflow while you sleep, which ensures you a temperature-neutral night’s rest.

Edge Support

Casper Beds

Another thing that dictates the overall durability of a mattress is its edge support.

Take note for Casper beds, you might experience a sinking feeling, especially with the longer you sit that makes you feel less comfortable.

Although, sleeping on a Casper Bed allows you to sleep on the edge so you won’t feel like you’re rolling out. If ever you prefer mattresses that are a little more firm compared to Casper Beds, you can go for hybrid mattresses.


Yogabeds offer your body excellent edge support.

Because it is an all-foam mattress, sitting on the side only makes you sink a little (compared to the Casper Beds.) With most of its strength coming from the core of its high-density foam, sleeping on this bed gives you pretty much an even feel.

Firmness And Body Support

Casper Beds

Casper beds offer a medium firmness. It is less bouncy and gives you a hugging effect.

Casper beds also provide your body with excellent support and contours your body. But, it may not just be as extreme as the traditional memory foams.


In comparison to Casper beds, Yogabeds provide middle-scale support. It is bouncier than a Casper Bed but offers a more hugging effect. For body support, Yogabeds are also able to give a pretty good one.

 Although, it may offer an extra bounce that may seem bothersome to other people who do not prefer this feeling on their beds.


Both Casper Beds and Yogabeds are offered in different bed categories and are offered for very affordable prices.

Here are the price ranges for Casper beds:

Here are the price ranges for Yogabeds:

Delivery And Off-Gassing

Casper Beds

Casper Beds offer very easy and convenient shipping if you finally decide to get one for yourself.

Casper beds are compressed in a roll-packed put-in box, weighing just 85 pounds, which is easier to carry as long as two people are helping the delivery process.

Although, this may take you around two days to fully firm it up. Take note, you may notice some off-gassing, but it is only quite minimal. For those sensitive to smells, you can open your windows to avoid irritation brought by off-gassing.


Yogabeds, just like Casper beds, are also placed in a roll-packed box. It weighs lighter than the Casper Beds, which is 75 pounds.

Like the Casper bed, Yoga beds also take around a day or two to reach their full firmness and may also release some odors from off-gassing.

Open your windows to ensure proper ventilation for your bedroom to avoid getting irritated by its smell.

Trial Period, Warranty, And Returns

It’s also best to be familiar with the Casper Bed and Yogabed’s Trial Period, Warranty, and Returns for better knowledge about the product.

Check these details indicated below:

Casper Beds


The Pros And Cons Of Casper Beds Vs. Yogabeds

Before finally choosing the bed you think is the most suitable for you, you should also be able to identify every bed’s advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the best things you need to know about Casper beds and Yogabeds.

Casper Beds

Casper beds are perfect for pressure relief, especially for the hips and the shoulders with the use of its Zoned Support (which is known to be the highlight of Casper Beds.) With these beds firmness, it’s also perfect for stomach and side sleepers.

The bed’s softness also offers you a feeling of sinking deeper into the mattress, offering a soft-top cradle feel. Over-all, the bed supports most of the body types and sleeping positions.

But because of its softness, heavy sleepers might feel an uncomfortable feeling sinking in too much on the mattress. 

The covers of Casper Beds are also not removable, which makes it very hard to clean.


The best thing about Yogabeds is its cool sleep technology, which uses Thermocool Technology, which regulates heat all night long. It also has a unique cotton-poly blend cover, which is removable, washable, and replaceable, which makes the cover very easy to maintain.

Yogabeds also offer a very bouncy feeling, but it may be quite annoying for some who do not want the bouncy feel on their beds.

The Takeaway

Overall, both Casper Beds and Yogabeds offer very excellent motion transfers, edge support, and comfort. However, there may be a slight difference to its firmness and sinkage levels, which depends on the preference of the user.

Also, both are offered at a very affordable price, thus making it perfect when you’re trying to follow through with a budget.

But of course, the most suitable bed at the end of the day is for you to choose from.

Now, what is it going to be? A Casper Bed? Or a Yogabed?

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