The Casper Essential Mattress, Reinvented for 2022 (Full Buyer’s Guide & Review): Buy or Avoid?

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Casper Essential Mattress


Compared with the older Casper Essential, the new Casper Element weighs heavier but that’s probably the only notable difference between the two products. In terms of technology and engineering, the Casper Element benefits from more modern mattress technology. Is it more comfortable? Does Casper’s Airscape Technology really make it a cooler mattress? Our full review should answer all your questions.

There is a saying that you cannot reinvent the wheel, of course, this does not apply to mattresses. Casper, one of the more popular bed-in-a-box brands to grace the internet, has since turned what was the Casper Essential into its most basic Element.

The Casper Essential Mattress Review Bed In A Box 1024x724 1

A little refresher:

Before we go in-depth into our Casper Essential Review, a quick bit about the brand. Casper, the New York-based sleep company, broke into the bed-in-a-box scene in 2014. It has since made a name for itself from among the many other mattress manufacturers. The company was named by Time magazine as one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2015 and made Fast Company’s 2017 Most Innovative Companies.

The quirky sleep company has three main product lines:

Moreover, they also introduced the Casper Essential as their most basic, all foam, entry-level mattress for a good night’s sleep, even on a tight budget. Casper has public opinion on its side because of its reasonable price point, straightforward buying experience, firm mattress support, great overall comfort for sleepers, and responsive customer service.

Admittedly, even the most celebrated brands have their detractors, with some consumers being sensitive to the off-gassing from a new mattress, or find that they are allergic to latex. Then again, this happens for all brands and does not seem to be true for the majority of buyers. Else, you can rest easy and avail of the 100-night trial period. The brand’s policy is to welcome the returns of its product if it does not fit the buyer’s preferences.

Back to the essentials

Casper simplified its Casper Original (a model with 3 zones of targeted support, and a hybrid option to include springs) to its most essential parts. The result was the even more cost-effective Casper Essential, still with the quality that has come to be associated with the brand. Essential Casper mattresses come with a hybrid knit made of recycled bottles for the top layer, which is then followed by three layers of foam

The cover is on the receiving end of rave reviews for being on the darker side of the color spectrum. Most other mattress brands have generic, all-white covers, a color which is prone to displaying stains in all their shades. Casper mattresses, on the other hand, with their dark gray color, wear the inevitable stains better. Of course, the manufacturer recommends the use of mattress protectors, or spot-cleaning only if in case there is an accidental spill. This is to keep the covers and the underlying foam looking like new for longer. Serious smells can be remedied by the sprinkling and then vacuuming of baking soda on the sheets or on the mattress cover. But enough mattress care hacks…

The next three layers are:

The Casper Essential rates 7 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, where 1 is softest, and 10 is firmest. This means that it is on the firmer end of the spectrum, and would be just about right for average weight to heavier sleepers. Lighter weight sleepers and those who prefer a softer bed might want to go with the Casper Wave, as will strict side sleepers who need more contouring for pressure relief in the shoulder, elbow, and hip areas. Back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the firm support, which ensures proper alignment of the spine for a better sleep experience.

Sizing and weight

The Casper Essential comes in standard sizing, but you may want to double-check with the size available in your room, as well as the dimensions of your bed. Moreover, if you plan to move your mattress around for rearranging or transferring accommodations, the weight per size is also an excellent guide to see if that can be managed alone, or if you may need the assistance of a partner or a friend.

Essential comparisons

Casper Essential vs. Nectar

Casper Essential vs. Tuft & Needle

Casper Essential vs. Casper Original

Casper Essential vs. Casper Wave

That about wraps it up for our Casper Essential Review, and if you think it is the mattress for you, you might have to order one quickly. This is because Casper has since decided to slowly replace the Casper Essential with the Casper Element, and stocks of the former are already dwindling.

Basic elements

Being the 2020 reboot for the Casper Essential, the Casper Element has a more straightforward design with just two layers of foam. This reinvention, which goes against the grain of adding more, also means that the newer Casper Element is even more affordable, compared to the older Essential.

The same dark gray mattress cover is an Earth-friendly textile made up of up to 9 recycled bottles per mattress for a smaller ecological footprint. It is of sufficient thickness to be durable, and thin enough that it is still breathable and allows for you to engage with the foam layer underneath.

The two polyurethane foam layers, a new design by Casper Labs, is dubbed the Airscape™. The top layer is perforated with tiny holes, which makes it even more breathable to further reduce heat build-up. The premium, proprietary foam conforms to your body and its curves for pressure relief. On the other hand, the bottom layer is designed to provide firm support for your body, all the while preventing both sinking and sagging.

Like all of its products, Casper promises fast and free shipping, which generally arrives at your doorstep in 2-7 business days. It guarantees the best sleep of your life, or they would gladly give you your money back within their 100-night, risk-free trial period. Moreover, for the majority who do end up keeping their Casper mattress beyond the trial period, a 10-year limited warranty applies for added peace of mind. For the minority who do decide another mattress may fit their preferences better, Casper promises free, easy pick-up returns where they do all the packing for your convenience.

All of their foams retain CertiPUR-US program certifications. This means that their products are manufactured without ozone-depleting chemicals, and are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions to maintain indoor quality. You would have to have an exceptionally sensitive nose to notice significant unpleasant off-gassing from your new Casper Element.

The Casper Element continues the Casper Essential’s serving the same demographic of people who want a quality mattress but are on a tight budget. It is perfect for kids who do not yet have the aches and pains of older adults, or college students who often transition between dorms and apartments, or for families who are on the hunt for a guest bedroom mattress.

Even though it is on the firmer side, because it is an all-foam mattress, it may not be suitable for very heavy individuals who weigh around or above 220 pounds, or those who put a very high premium on edge support. This is not to say that the Casper Element fails at these, there are just better-suited options in the market.

Casper recommends that the Element be used with solid platform beds, adjustable bases, or slatted platform bedframes with slats no more than 4 inches apart. Of course, always double-check bedframe and mattress dimensions to ensure the best fit.

Sizing and weight


On face value, the newer Casper Element weighs heavier than the Casper Essential of the same size. On the other hand, the Casper Essential is a full inch thicker than the product, which is set to replace it down the line. But that’s as far as matters of weight and size go.

The newer Casper Element benefits from more modern technology and engineering from the Casper Labs. Its Airscape™ foam technology promises to sleep cooler than older foam formulations from the same company.

Both, of course, promise quality sleep and can be had at prices around $400 for the Twin, or $600 for the Queen, before any discounts. Considering that they are warrantied to last for 10 years, that’s roughly just $40 a year of good sleep, or 10 cents a night. That’s quite a steal made possible by a mattress pared down to only the essential elements!

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