Best Innerspring Mattresses of 2022 (Complete & Unbiased Review): You Can’t Go Wrong With Classics

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Sometimes, the classics are the best. There’s a reason why they are called classics. They set standards for what follows them. In many cases, people actually prefer them as they are tried and time-proven.

When it comes to beds, innerspring mattresses are at the helm of classical design. Coils that are buried under a soft and comfortable fabric provide comfort and support to the sleeper. Not only that, but they also do a double purpose of adding durability to the bed. No wonder they remain popular despite the proliferation of more modern all-foam beds.

Here are the best innerspring mattresses of 2021 and why they transform your bedroom into an idyllic haven.

Best Innerspring Mattresses of 2021

Made of new high-tech materials, memory foam and latex foam mattresses have their share of pros. But the classics never fade. And like fine wine, they become even better thanks to new construction techniques, smart engineering, and infused advanced technology. In fact, the best innerspring mattresses can hold their own against the newer all-foam beds.

Are you buying your first brand-new mattress? Perhaps you want to replace your old moth-eaten bed? Then choose the best coil spring mattress for you in this list.

saatva solaire

Saatva Classic Mattress

brooklyn 1

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid


DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Saatva Classic Mattress

The Classic mattress lives up to its name as it’s the flagship luxury hybrid bed of the Saatva brand. It beautifully balances the dependable support and durability of a coil mattress with the softness of cushioned eco-friendly foam, enabling you to enjoy luxurious comfort. This is all because of the finely engineered features that are incorporated into the mattress:

  • Euro Pillow Top Pack: more cushioned than standard pillow material. The fabric receives a Guardin antimicrobial treatment to ensure that no pathogens sleep with you.
  • Dual Perimeter Edge Support System: ensures that the mattress doesn’t sag if you position yourself on the edges or corners.
  • Gauge Comfort Coils: 884 individually wrapped comfort coils are designed to contour and respond to your body in whatever position you sleep. Because they’re independent of each other, the mattress greatly minimizes motion transfer.
  • Spinal Zone Technology:  twin lumbar enhancements at the middle of the bed provide additional support for your back and shoulders.
  • Dura Steel Coil Support: 416 13-gauge innerspring coils made of oven-baked tempered steel at the base provide an incredibly sturdy yet bouncy bed. Your bed lasts longer without sacrificing comfort.

It is available in plush soft, luxury firm, and firm options, giving you the best option for the level of comfort you want. Finally, whatever your room area is, you are assured that the Classic has the right-sized mattress for you, from twin to split king cal sizes.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid

The best coil mattresses can cost a fortune. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. No worries if you are having a tight grip on your wallet because there are budget-friendly options out there. The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid is among the winner when it comes to low-cost luxury bedding. Prices range from an affordable $549 twin-sized mattress to a reasonably priced $1049 king cal bed. Pretty friendly in your pocket, don’t you think?

But a low price doesn’t necessarily equate to low quality. The Bowery Hybrid is chock-full of features that put it among the best coil spring mattresses in the market:

  • Quilted Memory Foam Layer: top gel-infused memory foam layer conforms to your body while providing efficient cooling for a comfortable sleep.
  • Transitional Comfort Foam: this balances the softness of the memory foam layer with the subsequent coil layers. It features open-cell technology for improved breathability and airflow
  • Ascension Coil Layer: the heart of the mattress, this layer consists of 961 patented Ascension coils. Collectively, they provide deep compression support to reduce body pain, support pressure points, and make your sleep more comfortable. Motion isolation is enhanced due to the independent layout of the coils.
  • High Density Foam Base: this layer reinforces the coils as they compress when you lie down on the bed. It also adds durability to the mattress.

The Bowery Hybrid comes in 6 sizes; just choose which one fits your room.

WinkBeds Mattress

Chic, cool, and luxurious! These three words exactly describe perfectly the WinkBeds Mattress. And that is no exaggeration. The company even boasts that you would get “the best sleep of your life, guaranteed!” The WinkBed ensures that you get that thanks to its unique “best of both worlds” hybrid design that is packed full with the newest in sleep technology. All these make it a contender for the best innerspring mattress in 2021.

  • Tencel Cover: this patented material is an all-natural eucalyptus-based performance fabric. Eucalyptus is a popular ingredient in cooling oils, fragrances, and antiseptics due to its cooling effects. The silken-soft Tencel fabric wick is cooler than linen and prevents absorption of ambient heat.
  • Euro Pillow Top: This two-layer foam features gel-infused Hypersoft Foam.  This material actually “pulls away” your body heat, which helps you enjoy a cooler sleep. Compare that to traditional memory foam which actually traps body heat.
  • Coil Support System: the entire layer is composed of individually wrapped coils that are strategically placed in multiple support zones. Thus, there are zones that support areas of your body that need greater pressure, and other zones that prop up parts of your body that need just a caressing touch of pressure. This layer is also engineered to provide a 3-Step-Back-Relief System. Strategic pressure points, soft and firm spots, and the right degree of responsiveness help relieve muscle tension, align your hips and lower back, and support your spine and joints.
  • Extra Edge Support System: the sides of the mattress are reinforced to avoid sagging. You won’t feel as if you’re going to roll off the bed if you happen to shift to the side. Furthermore, with the reinforced edges, you get 15% more area for sleeping, no matter what your sleep position is.

These are just an inkling of the many high tech features of the WinkBeds Mattress. They all work in perfect synergy to give you what the company promised—the best sleep of your life!

Helix Midnight

Forbes said that it is the best innerspring mattress for side sleepers. Ditto with the Business Insider and Sleepopolis. CB2 encouraged you to “Give It a Try.” Big names all saying the same thing. That should be enough to convince you that the Helix Midnight is one of the best innerspring mattresses for 2021. There are many of us who sleep on the side, and the layers of the Helix Midnight are specifically designed for such sleepers. It is also the right mattress for those who frequently move or shift positions throughout the night. Let’s check out how it does these amazing things:

  • Helix Soft Touch Design Cover: this soft cover has a light stretch that allows it to “hug” the mattress. Thus, it won’t slip away as you toss and turn in your bed. The cover has a loveable soft feel and optimized for maximum airflow.
  • Memory Plus Foam: this layer has a medium feel that helps relieve pressure in achy-breaky points such as your hips and shoulders.
  • High Grade Polyform Transition Layer: this layer provides excellent cushioning and ergonomic support. It balances out the softness of the memory foam, allowing the mattress to adapt to the sleeper’s weight and body type.
  • Body Shape Layer: here’s where the true magic happens. The layer comprises literally hundreds of individual coils that act independently of each other. This mutual action of independence and support helps cradle your body in whatever sleeping position you are in. The springs extend to the side of the mattress, thus reinforcing the edges. This prevents the mattress from sagging when you move to the side.
  • Dura Dense Foam Base Layer: The thick bottom foam supports the entire mattress and largely contributes to its durability.

The Helix Midnight comes in 6 sizes, from Twin to CA king size. When you buy a mattress, you also get two fluffy Helix Dream Pillows for free!

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

What does sleeping in the clouds feel like? Can you still experience cloud-like sleeping comfort even if you have body aches? The answer to both questions lies in the ultra-comfortable DreamCloud’s Luxury Hybrid Mattress. A great combination of memory foam and innersprings synergize to help you feel as if you’re in heaven (no, not dead!).

Let’s get one thing out of the way before going to the nitty-gritty: this amazing bed is made of nothing but premium materials to make a perfect sleep possible every night!

  • Cashmere Blend Layer: the cover is made of incredibly soft and lightweight Mongolian cashmere. The material wicks away moisture, making you cool and dry. That’s just the intro!
  • Trueloft Eurotop Layer: this premium quilted memory foam cradles your body lovingly. But it doesn’t suffocate you thanks to its cozy and breathable material.
  • Point-activated Foam: the gel-infused, high-density memory foam balances out the softness provided by the first two layers. It is designed to alleviate pressure.
  • Low-Motion Transfer Foam: can’t sleep because your partner keeps on twisting and turning as he or she sleeps? This supportive layer minimizes motion transfer and enhances motion isolation. Thus, you’ll still have a great snooze while your partner shifts his or her sleeping position.
  • Edge Shield Coil System: Individually encased heavy-duty coils support every part of your body and, at the same time, add stability to the mattress. Coils go all the way to the sides for superb edge support.
  • Stay Put Control Layer: this porous foam base helps improve airflow throughout the mattress. It also lessens unwanted vibrations as the coils shift and move to adjust to the sleeper’s weight and position.

In short, the DreamCloud Luxury Mattress is truly what it is—a soft, fluffy cloud right inside your bedroom!

Titan Mattress

Large or heavy set people often have trouble finding the right mattress for them. Some are too soft, some are too small, some have inadequate support, and others are just plain uncomfortable. For them, shopping for the best coil mattress is a cat-and-mouse chase. Good thing that Brooklyn Bedding has the Titan mattress for plus-sized people. And because it’s plus-sized, it’s also an ideal family bed!

  • Top Cooling Panel accessory: you can choose two: a cooling top panel to help dissipate body heat for a much cooler sleep. The second option is a cooling Talalay latex topper that adds considerable pressure point relief. The choice is yours!
  •  Gel Memory Foam: it’s 1 inch of quilted comfort! This quick-response memory foam does not leave impressions after lying down on it. The infused cooling gel also adds cooling comfort for sleepers.
  • TitanFlex Foam: 2 inches of specially made patented foam effectively follows the contours of your body, enabling the mattress to provide pressure relief in specific body areas.
  • TitanCaliber Layer: here’s a massive 6 inches of heart, soul, and muscle! The core of the bed is made up of 961 individually encased and independently moving TitanCaliber coils. This multi-function layer adds great support, improves motion isolation, alleviates pressure points, and enhances the overall durability of the mattress.
  •  High Density Base Foam: the last layer of high-density foam provides extra durability and stability to the mattress. This layer also reinforces the TitalCaliber coils, which compress when a heavy-set person sleeps on the bed.

If you’re looking for the best pocket coil mattress for people who are on the heavy side of the weighing scale, then look no further than Titan Mattress. Yes, its name is befitting for its qualities, features, and performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons why you should consider an innerspring mattress. 

  •  they are usually a very affordable option
  • they have more bounce and are more responsive than all-foam beds
  • they are cooler and provide better air circulation than foam or latex beds
  •  they do not emit strange smells
  •  they have a uniform and adequately firm surface that can support a huge variety of weights, body forms, and sleeping positions

Just like any product, innerspring mattresses have some minor demerits.

  • some sleepers who are used to all-foam beds find innersprings a little too firm.
  • those experiencing body aches complain that innersprings don’t provide adequate pressure relief
  • even the best innerspring mattress can become noisy over time due to its moving coils
  • below-average to average quality innersprings can sag after some time.

The right mattress for you depends on the sleeper’s weight:

  • Lightweight people and those who sleep on their sides would prefer softer mattresses. The material gives them more cushion to contour their bodies.
  • For middleweight folks and back sleepers, they should choose medium or medium-firm mattresses for a good balance of softness and firmness.
  • Heavy individuals and those who doze on their stomachs need firmer mattresses that provide adequate support.


Who says classics are obsolete in the face of modernity? Looking at those best innerspring mattresses described above, it is pretty evident that old designs are still popular and excellent choices. In fact, their features can even surpass more modern ones.

Innerspring mattresses provide unsurpassed comfort. Their layered construction makes them adaptable to any sleeper. Their coils provide a double purpose of supporting a sleeper and making the bed sturdy and long-lasting. These are just some of the reasons why the best innerspring mattresses are worthy investments.

Go innersprings! Go classic. You can never go wrong with a time-tested design!

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Table of Contents

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