How the GhostBed Mattress Delivers Amazing Quality and Value

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Table of Contents

Looking for a comfortable bed that offers support and pressure relief? If yes, GhostBed, which is an excellent blend of durable high-density polyfoam, aerated latex, and gel-infused memory foam, can be a good option. But is it the right pick for you?

We are going to tell you everything about GhostBed in this review, such as how it feels and how it is built to make this decision easier for you. Moreover, we will also include features of their other beds.

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Brand Information

GhostBed is the brand behind all the four mattresses. They aim to deliver high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. They believe in making a difference in people’s lives by providing them comfort.

Starting in 2015, they are continuously producing different mattresses to provide natural comfort to all types and sizes of sleepers. They also produce pillows, mattress protectors, sheets, and adjustable bases.

Buying Guide

All companies do not follow standard policies. So, if you are planning to shop for a mattress online, it is a good idea to know what is common in all of them. This will help you understand where your brand stands.

Some standard policies are free returns with a 100% refund, a 10-year warranty, free shipping, and a 100-night trial period.

GhostBed offers free returns, a 20-year warranty, free shipping, and a 101-nights trial. 

They ship the mattress wrapped in plastic (vacuuming out the air and rolling it up) and placed inside the box. While unboxing, remove the wrapping and allow it to take the shape completely. This may take somewhere between 24 – 72 hours.

Of note, you may notice a chemical smell while unboxing. This is normal and known as “off-gassing”. The smell will go away in a day or two. It is better to sleep once it is aired out as the smell may cause nausea or headache in some people.

Review of the Original GhostBed Mattress


This all-foam mattress is three-layered. The layers from top to bottom are latex foam (1.5”), gel memory foam (2”), and support foam (7.5”).

The latex foam is aerated and spongier, accounting for the airflow and bounce of the bed. The next layer, gel memory foam, acts as a transition layer, and manages the temperature regulation. Lastly, the support foam is high-density foam for support.

The best part about GhostBed is that you get benefits of latex beds but at a pocket-friendly price.

The cover of this mattress is made up of viscose and polyester blend. While there is nothing great about them, there is no major drawback either. They just tend to get dirty as compared to other covers. 

Although the cover of this mattress is removable, it cannot be washed in the machine. So, you can choose not to remove them.

In case you spoiled it, you can just dab that spot with a mild detergent and warm water until it is completely clean.

You should also not flip the GhostBed mattress as it comes with a top and bottom side. However, you can rotate it at six months interval to increase its lifespan.


Even though the GhostBed has three different foam layers, its surface feels a blend of all three layers and not just the first layer.

This mattress is not too soft or firm. It lies exactly in between. The firmness of this mattress is because of the latex foam layer. 

However, the bounce back after applying pressure is slow. So, the firmness will be felt more by petite individuals than what is experienced by heavier people. Also, the pressure relief will be felt more by individuals above 160 lbs. as compared to lighter weight folks.

Ideal Body Types

All-foam GhostBed mattress is not extremely firm. A heavier individual will feel it as very soft. So, we feel that this mattress is ideal for medium-sized and petite people.

It is not a major surprise as most mattresses are built for medium or average-sized individuals.

Ideal Sleep positions

GhostBed is an excellent option for those who sleep on their stomach or back. Adequate support is required while sleeping in the position mentioned above so that your spine is aligned. For this, assistance is required under the trunk and hips region.

It is also a good pick for combo and side sleepers. With a latex foam layer on the top, it provides appropriate pressure relief for those who sleep on their side.

This is important as your bed should give pressure relief to the shoulder, arms, and hips while sleeping on the side. When this does not happen, you may wake up with aches and pains or numbness.

GhostBed is also a decent option for combo sleepers as it supports the stomach, back, and side sleeping positions. However, the responsiveness of this bed may make switching positions a little more difficult than what you may be expecting.


If you are expecting this bed to be cooler, it is not the case. While it is not hot to sleep, it is not cool to sleep either. So, it is not cool to touch. Basically, this is a neutral temperature mattress.

This also depends on your built. If you are lighter, you will sleep more on the top of the mattress and thus feel cooler. On the other hand, if you are heavier, you will sink more and therefore feel it a little warmer.

Couple Friendly

It is a pretty good option for those who would be sharing the mattress with a partner or pet. Motion isolation and edge supports are major features that make this mattress couple friendly.

The two features we like to highlight for couples are edge support and motion isolation.

Motion isolation means how well the bed restricts the cross-bed motion. This is important as tossing and turning of one partner will not affect the other partner. GhostBed offers great motion isolation. So, if you want to sneak out of the bed at night to watch your favorite series, your bed buddy would not be affected by it.

GhostBed provides great edge support. While sharing a bed, it usually happens that one partner is pushed to the other end of the bed. Edge supports provide comfort to that partner that they will not roll off the bed.


The price of the GhostBed mattress is cost-effective according to the industry standards. The pricing differs according to the size as mentioned below:

  • Twin: $545
  • Twin XL: $745
  • Full: $995
  • Queen: $1095
  • King: $1,250
  • California King: $1,275

The price may vary from time to time. To confirm, you can check the price on the official website.


To sum it up, GhostBed may not be our favorite, but it is suitable and comfortable for all types of sleepers. So, the probability of anyone disliking the mattress is really less.

We also like how GhostBed has included the latex foam to enhance the strength. Many would also like how the surface feels a blend of all three layers.

A Quick Review

If you don’t like the feel or have any other issue, you can return it within 101 days of buying it.
Unlike most mattresses that are 10” thick, GhostBed mattress is 11”. Although GhostBed may not be ideal for heavier individuals, it is marginally better for them as compared to other foam mattresses.
A latex foam under $1,100 for queen size is hard to find. Even though this layer is just 1.5” thick, the comfort provided is worthy.
For a foam mattress it has pretty good edge support. This feature is because of the top latex layer.
The firmness is comfortable for all types of sleepers such as back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers.
ghostbed flex hybrid mattress

GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

The GhostBed Flex hybrid mattress is 13” thick. It is a blend of firm support from wrapped coils and the plush effect of gel memory foam.


This 13” thick mattress uses seven different layers to provide perfect comfort and cooling effect. The uppermost layer is of a quilted cover that is plush and cool to touch.

The cover is followed by a 1″ layer of “cool burst airflow” technology fiber. The next two layers are separate 1″ layers of gel memory foam. The first level is plush while the second provides pressure relief.

Next up is a transition layer, known as GhostBounce Layer. It provides the strength of latex and the soft feeling of the foam.

The second last layer is 8.5” thick and consists of a patented “GhostFlex coil unit”. This layer is the essence of the mattress, providing cooling, comfort, and weightlessness. Furthermore, the edge is lined by the proprietary “‘SpiritedEdge” that prevents slipping and allows you to sit comfortably on the edge.

The bottom layer is 1” thick and is responsible for the durability and longevity of this mattress.


With multiple fabrics used, this mattress gives a neutral feel instead of a classic memory foam. So, while you feel the plush of memory foam, this mattress does not contour or conform to the body as compared to other mattresses made up of memory foam.

However, as with other mattresses, lighter-weight people will feel it is firmer, while it will be a bit softer for heavyweight folks.

Overall, we feel it is a comfortable mattress. We are in awe how this mattress offers the best of both worlds. You get the comfort of memory foam without the hugging feeling.

Ideal Body Types

With a perfect blend between support and comfort, this mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers. Stomach sleepers will benefit from the spinal support from the coils and side sleepers will like the softness of the first two layers of this mattress.

Furthermore, the materials make this mattress suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. Even if you are heavier, the pocketed coils will provide adequate support


The GhostBed Flex Hybrid mattress is cool to touch and is aimed for people who sleep hot. The quilted layer makes it cool and “cool burst airflow” technology fiber aids in preventing you from sleeping hot.

Moreover, the “GhostFlex coil unit” also adds to the cooling effect.


As this mattress is a lot more than an average bed-in-a-box, it comes at a premium price. With 13” thickness, multiple high-quality fabric and gel memory foam, and supportive coils, it does good justice to the price.

The pricing differs according to the size as mentioned below:

  • Twin: $1,145
  • Twin XL: $1,350
  • Full: $1,475
  • Queen: $1,645
  • King: $1,945
  • California King: $1,985

Of note, this cost is in MSRP. You can visit the website to check for promotions and you can mostly save $100 to $200.


To conclude, we did not find anything major that could go wrong. It is overall an accommodating bed. This mattress is comfortable for all body types and for all types of sleepers. So, the majority of people will like this mattress.

If we have to pick a flipside, it would be its cost. You will be able to find an accommodating hybrid mattress at an affordable price. But if you want to play safe, this is a solid pick.

ghostbed 3d matrix

Review of the GhostBed 3D Mattress

GhostBed 3D mattress, the most intricate mattress belonging to this brand, was launched in 2019. A special spiral material makes this mattress exclusive.


The GhostBed 3D mattress is 12” thick. Apart from one exception, it is similar to the GBFlex Hybrid mattress in its construction. This mattress is made up of seven layers. The first layer is the cover with advanced technology that aids in keeping you cool while you sleep.

The cover is followed by GhostBed’s patented 3D matrix “thermal conductive gel polymer”. This material is curated to adapt to your body’s shape. Moreover, this gel is Omni-directional. So, unlike classic foams, this can mold and stretch in all directions.

If we cut the bed, the material bears a resemblance to the sap of the tree. The gel is malleable, sticky, and flexible. This is an exceptional material used in this mattress and you may not be able to find it in any other beds.

The next two layers consist of different types of gel memory foam. The first level reacts to your body shape while the second one keeps your feel comfortable. Next up is a transition layer that offers pressure relief and contours to your body.

The second last layer is thick and consists of patented reinforced and wrapped coils. It provides comfort and weightlessness feel to this mattress. Furthermore, the coils at the edge are highly reinforced which prevents sliding and allows you to sit comfortably on the edge.

The bottom layer is responsible for the durability and longevity of this mattress.

So, you may have noticed that GhostBed has two patents on this mattress. Although we do not hold expertise in this matter, they seem to be related to the composition of the mattress and the gel polymer material.


As one might expect, the GhostBed 3D mattress has a unique and special feel. Despite a thick upper layer of foam, it does not have a traditional foam feel. The gel polymer provides a neutral foam feel to this mattress and is responsible for the Omni-directional properties. The gel can stretch in all directions and thus it does not give a feel that you are hugged by the mattress. 

With regards to the firmness, this mattress has a medium firmness. This was kind of expected as the construction is like that of the hybrid model.

We will reiterate again that firmness differs according to your weight and size. So, a petite individual will feel that it is firm, while heavier folks will feel it as medium-soft.

Basically, this mattress has a neutral foam feel. The gel provides a dense feel to it. Despite this, the bed is very comfortable. It is just unlike other puffy mattresses that just have an airy feel to it. So, it depends on your preference.

Ideal Body Types and Sleep Positions

As you may expect, this 3D mattress is comfortable for all types of sleepers. The gel polymer and memory foam provide pressure relief to side sleepers. At the same time, they also support an adequate stomach and back. 

The 3D matrix is also able to accommodate people of all sizes and shapes, including those weighing more than 250 pounds. Furthermore, the flexible gel polymer and wrapped coils prevent sinking in the bed while sleeping.


Besides all the functions played by the polymer gel, it is also responsible for thermal regulation. This thermal conductive material absorbs heat and prevents it from accumulating beneath you while sleeping.

As the gel is connected, the heat moves away from your body while you sleep. Other materials used also enhances this cooling property of the mattress.

Having said this, your environment also plays an important role in how cool or warm you will sleep. Other factors such as insulation in your house, sleeping temperature, the climate you live in, and air conditioner also influence your sleep temperature.


This is an upgraded version of the GhostBed Flex Hybrid mattress. It has similar construction with an additional layer of the patent gel polymer. So, the bed comes with an upgraded price as well. Yes, it is an expensive bed, but given the quality of materials, the company can rightly charge a premium price.

The pricing differs according to the size as mentioned below:

  • Twin XL: $1,750
  • Queen: $2,495
  • King: $2,995
  • California King : $2,995

Of note, this cost is in MSRP. You can visit the website to check for promotions and you can mostly save $100 to $200.


As with other GhostBed’s mattresses, it is really difficult to find some major fault with the 3D mattress as well. It is like an ideal bed as it is supportive, comfortable, and accommodates all types of people and sleepers. It has almost everything one may be looking for.

The only flipside of this mattress is the cost. However, the cost is justified with the type of materials used. In the end, it matters how much you are willing to pay for comfort.

ghostbed luxe mattress

GBLuxe Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is touted to be the “Coolest Bed in The World”. It is a bold claim, but is it true? Here is a quick review to find the answer.


The GhostBed Cooling Foam Mattress is 13” thick and is made up of various cooling textiles and foams.

The first layer is 2” thick and consists of gel memory foam. This layer is considered as the most comfortable of all layers. This layer is made up of the below-mentioned five sublayers. 

The outermost layer is made up of intricate fibers of “Ghost Ice Fabric” that make this mattress cool-to-touch. This is followed by cooling fibers to aid the regulation of temperature. Next up is a layer of gel memory foam to enhance comfort and give you a “GhostHug Feeling”

It is followed by a “Ghost Ice Layer”, which is a special change phase material. This material is curated to move heat away from your body. And the last layer is gel memory foam to enhance comfort. It also relieves your aches and pains by providing the right support to your spine.

The second layer is “Ghost Bounce Layer”, a proprietary foam that serves as a transition layer. This foam is resilient like latex foam and also soft like memory foam.

Next up is the 7.5″ high-density support foam that is the main support and foundation of the mattress. This layer also increases the longevity and durability of the mattress.


The GhostBed Cooling Foam Mattress has a memory foam feel which is mainly because of the first two layers. However, it is slightly firmer than the classic memory foam. So, you feel the comfort of two layers at one go.

To sum it up, this mattress has a medium-firm feel. But this feel also depends on your body weight and type. A lighter weight individual will feel it firm, while larger body folks will feel it to be medium-firm.

Ideal Body Type

Features of this mattress make it ideal for all body types. Usually, coil beds are recommended for heavier individuals instead of a bed-in-a-box. But this mattress is beyond a foam mattress. It is 13” thick and firm, which makes it a good option even for heavyweight folks

Ideal Sleep Positions

The medium firmness of this mattress makes it ideal for stomach and back sleepers. It offers great support to the trunk and lower back while you sleep in these positions.

It also offers a fair transition while switching positions and thus is a good option for combination sleepers as well. However, it may not be ideal for side sleepers.

Lightweight side sleepers will not sink into the foam due to the firmness of the mattress. Thus, they might not get pressure relief. For heavier side sleepers, the pressure relief is sufficient to prevent any discomfort.


At the end of the day, cooling is the key feature of this mattress. GBLuxe is curated for hot sleepers. As we have mentioned before, this bed is made using several textiles and materials to allow temperature regulation. 

While we do not know whether “it is the coolest sleeping bed in the world”, this mattress has an upper edge in this functionality. The bed is cool to touch and prevents you from sleeping hot. 

To sum it up, if the sleeping temperature of a mattress bothers you, GBLuxe can be a great option for you.


As one may expect, with exclusive cooling technology and textiles used in the making of this mattress, it is not a budget bed. Having said this, it is not expensive either. It may just be a few hundred dollars more costly than your average mattress. 

The pricing differs according to the size as mentioned below:

  • Twin: $1,245
  • Twin XL: $1,450
  • Full: $1,570
  • Queen: $1,745
  • King: $2,045
  • California King : $2,085

Of note, this cost is in MSRP. You can visit the website to check for promotions and you can mostly save $100 to $200.


Overall, it is a great option for most types of sleepers, except for petite side sleepers. So, if you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, sleep warm or live in a warmer climate, or prefer firmer memory foam, GBLuxe can be the right pick for you.

Comprehensive Comparison of all the Four Mattress

Here is a quick comparison of all the four mattresses.

Original GhostBed Mattress: This mattress is a good pick for individuals who prefer solid foam mattresses. While it may not be as fancy as other GhostBed mattresses, it has all basic features and is affordable. However, it is not aimed for warm sleepers and thus may not be suitable for them.

GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress: This mattress was launched in 2019. It is a coil version of the cooling memory foam mattress. It is 31” thick and the traditional core is replaced with wrapped coils. So, it is more responsive and bouncier than the cooling foam mattress. With cooling cover, coils, and foam for airflow, this is aimed for hot sleepers.

GhostBed 3D Mattress: This is an upgraded version of the hybrid mattress that was launched in late 2019. It consists of memory foam, wrapped coils, and a layer of patented gel polymer that gives it a unique look and feel.

GBLuxe Cooling Memory Foam Bed: This mattress is 13” thick and includes various cooling techniques and fabrics, both inside and outside. Moreover, it also has a cooling cover that makes it cool to touch. Just like a memory foam mattress, this bed is also ideal for side sleepers. Overall, it is different from the original GhostBed mattress because of the memory foam feel and is aimed for extra warm sleepers.

Original GhostBed Mattress GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress GhostBed 3D Mattress GBLuxe Cooling Memory Foam Bed
Material Foam Innerspring Gel and foam Foam
Feel Mixed foam Pillow top Gel-like Memory foam
Thickness 10” 13” 13” 12”
Comfort Latex foam Pillow top Gel 3D matrix Memory foam
Cover Soft fabric Cool Cool Cool
Firmness Medium Medium Medium Medium-firm
Body types Petite and medium All All Petite and medium
Cooling No Yes Yes Yes
Cost Budget Luxury Mid-tier Luxury

Frequently Asked Questions

GhostBed mattresses are beds made by seasonal professionals. GhostBed is the brand behind these mattresses and is one of the leading brands in bed manufacturing. The owner named it as GhostBed as the owner, as a child, used to be afraid of ghosts under his bed.

GhostBed takes pride in manufacturing all the products in America by Nature’s Sleep. They use high-quality materials and the comfort and health benefits of their mattresses are unparalleled.

All the materials and techniques used in GhostBed have unique functions. The outer cover is made using a combination of fabrics that prevents you from sleeping hot by wicking away moisture and heat. The topmost layer is made from latex, which offers a plush feeling while absorbing excess heat and pressure. The gel memory foam layer is responsible for relieving pressure so that you wake up without aches and pain. Lastly, the base foam layer is responsible for strength and longevity. It also offers good spinal support.

The cost of GhostBed depends on various factors such as type, size. The range varies from $500 - $3,000.

You can visit the website to place a refund request. Alternatively, you can call at 1-855-855-4499 or email at [email protected] for placing a return request.


The website mentions the following criteria for a refund:


“Yes. GhostBed offers every customer a 101-Night Sleep Trial to experience the revolutionary GhostBed mattress in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t get the comfort you need, we’ll take it back and issue you a 100% refund. There is no cost to you whatsoever if you choose to return the Mattress. All we ask is that you give your new mattress a chance for the two of you to get to know each other for a minimum of 30 nights. The Foundation is not refundable. For more information, please view our Warranty page.


Please note that the GhostBed 101-night sleep trial is applicable only to orders placed directly from GhostBed. This trial applies only within the contiguous United States. Our sleep trial does not apply to errors in the order, size issues, finances, etc.

The simple answer to the question is No. Latex foam mattresses do not cause allergies. Based on studies of medical literature, an allergic reaction was not caused by sleeping on a latex mattress. The latex core used in the bed is washed thoroughly. While doing so, most of the proteins, which may trigger allergy, are denatured during the heating procedure (vulcanization) and thus chances of latex allergy are negligible. Furthermore, the mattress cover prevents skin contact with latex.

No, they should never be flipped. GhostBed mattresses have a top and bottom side. The latex and memory foam on the upper side. However, to enhance the longevity, you can rotate the mattress head-to-toe or 180 degrees every 3 – 6 months.

Yes, GhostBed mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. They are made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, phthalates, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. They are also made without PBDEs, TCEP, or TDCPP flame retardants. Moreover, these mattresses have a low volatile organic compound emission for maintaining indoor air quality.

The dimensions are:


  • Twin: 11 x 38 x 75”
  • Twin XL: 11 x 38 x 80”
  • Full: 11 x 54 x 75”
  • Queen: 11 x 60 x 80”
  • King: 11 x 76 x 80”
  • California King: 11 x 72 x 84”

Yes, Replacement covers are available if it is required because of some reasons. To place a request, you can mail at [email protected] with your order number and name.

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Table of Contents

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