Pet Bed Roundup: 7 of 2021’s Best Dog Beds (Reviewed & Rated)

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Pet Bed Roundup


Pooches and pets will definitely enjoy snoozing on a quality dog bed. Give them only the best by checking out our 7 top picks for best pet beds this 2021. We based our rating on quality, durability and, of course, comfort. See our full reviews below.

After a hard day’s work, you reward yourself with a well-deserved sleep in your soft, warm, and comfortable bed. It’s so soothing to crawl under clean sheets and smell your fragrant, fluffy pillows.

So why can’t your dog enjoy the same privilege?

Your dog isn’t just a simple animal. Being a loving and loyal member of your family, your furry friend deserves a cuddly bed. There are also specialty pet beds for specific dog breeds; senior dogs; and dogs who are suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and other diseases. All have one common denominator; they help keep your furry friend happy and comfortable.

7 Best Pet Beds

There are so many brands of pet beds out there that it’s hard to choose which one works best for your dog. This article strives to help you make an informed decision when buying a pet bed so you can get the most value out of your money. After all, your furry friend deserves only the best.

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Our Team’s Top Pick: The Puffy Dog Bed (Best Memory Foam Pet Bed)

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Best Budget Dog Bed: Animals Favorite Rectangle Bed

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Best Heated Pet Bed: K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

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Best Pet Bed for Large Dogs: Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam

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Best Pet Bed for Small Dogs: The Dog's Balls Orthopedic Bed


Best Washable Dog Bed: Frisco Rectangular Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

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Best Bed for Senior Dogs: Furhaven Couch Pet Bed

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Your furry friend deserves nothing but the best. After all, he guards your home, wins your hearts, comforts you when you’re down, and generates happiness and laughter every day.

Our personal recommendation for a dog mattress is the stylish Puffy Dog Bed by Puffy. It is made of premium memory foam that perfectly conforms to your furry friend’s every curve and bulge. The result is an ultra comfortable bed that supports your dog’s physique and relieves pressure points.

Highly responsive, the memory foam supports swift movements which is quite a useful feature if your dog is a rather restless sleeper. The memory foam is high-density, so it can retain its form and shape after several  uses.

Bolsters on all four sides of the Puffy Dog Bed allow your pooch to comfortably lay down his head while he stretches all the way along the length of the soft bed. Or he can snuggle into the corner, feeling safe and secure with the bolsters embracing his body.

The 100% polyester microfiber fabric cover can be easily removed and hand washed or machine washed. Thus, you can get rid of all the messy drool, pee, doggie smell, and shed hair easily. After it dries, your pup can sleep on a fresh bed again.

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Your pooch deserves the best, that’s undeniable. However, you don’t have to break the bank just to buy him the best pet bed in the market.  The Animals Favorite Rectangle Bed is our recommendation if you are tight on the budget for pet beds.

Thanks to its super soft and smooth cushion, the Animals Favorite Rectangle Bed provides your pet great comfort. The quilted sides help keep your dog snuggle into a natural, healthy sleeping position. The side bolsters are also adequately raised, serving as a pillow and allowing your dog to observe his surroundings while snuggles.

Finally, the Animals Favorite Rectangle Bed features a soft brown fabric with bone patterns. It looks cute, fun, and markedly your dog’s own abode.

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Do you remember how comfortable you felt sleeping under a heated blanket during the cold, winter days? Let your dog feel the same level of comfort with the K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Pet Bed, one of the unique dog beds in the market.

Upon plugging its 5.5 foot steel-wrapped cord to one of the electrical outlets in your home, the bed warms up, automatically adjusting to your pet’s body temperature via a thermostatically controlled heater.  The thermostat is programmed to not exceed your pet’s body temperature, preventing burns and injury. The product exceeds USA/CA electrical safety standards upon testing and certification by MET Labs.

The K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Pet Bed’s material is composed of soft, orthopedic foam under a waterproof and tough PVC material. Protecting the bed from dust, dirt, and debris is a comfortable washable fleece cover.




A gentle giant such as a Great Dane, Saint Bernard, or Mastiff can give you twice, thrice, or even quadruple the love of much smaller dogs. They deserve comfortable and ideal dog beds for large dogs, and the Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam dog bed takes the crown. It’s made of 4 inches of gel-infused memory foam pad is vastly denser and heavier than regular foam pet beds. Thus, while the memory foam perfectly conforms to your dog’s shape, the thick material doesn’t lose shape.

In addition, the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam allow dogs with hip dyslexia, arthritis, and other ailments to sleep comfortably.  

The gel-infused memory foam is enclosed in two zippered covers. The inner cover is made of waterproof Taffeta fabric while the outer one is made of strong 100% cotton canvas. The covers are double stitched for extra durability.

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Toy Poodles, Pomeranians, Shih-tzus, and Chihuahuas are so cute, tiny, and full of love. Like big dogs, they deserve dog mattresses that are right for their size and weight. That’s where The Dog’s Balls Orthopedic Bed comes in. The heart of the bed is a 2-inch high-density orthopedic memory foam layer that provides perfect contouring, precise support, and pressure relief. This memory foam rests on a 2-inch high-stability support foam that adds stability and strength to the pet bed.

The memory foam bed makes this product an extremely comfortable bed for senior dogs who are suffering from joint conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dyslexia, and osteochondritis. Your little old friend will definitely sleep soundly like a tired puppy once he lays down on the Dog’s Balls Orthopedic Bed.




Our furry companions are loveable and cuddly. But they can also be smelly and messy. Your dog can pee, poo, drool in his own bed. It’s just a dog thing, but it’s not really a pleasant experience cleaning up his sleep-nap place.

Well, make the job easier with the Frisco Rectangular Bolster Dog Bed. This washable dog bed is incredibly easy to clean; simply pop it in the washing machine. It also comes with its own washable cover. Say goodbye to your smelly, soiled pet bed!

Frisco Rectangular Bolster Dog Bed has fat and fluffy bolsters on each side, allowing pets to comfortably rest their heads and stretch out. The cushion and bolsters are filled with durable virgin poly fill for awesome comfort, encouraging your tired pet to sleep comfortably. This pet bed comes in an attractive houndstooth print, which matches most interior spaces and does not clash with your home décor.




The small lively puppy that was smaller than your hand is now a big, old dog that has experienced all that amazing love. Let him enjoy the best years of his life by giving him a Furhaven Couch Pet Bed.

This fluffy dog bed features a sofa design with thick bolsters on three sides. These lush, micro-velvet bolsters give your furry friend a sense of comfort and security. He can either rest his head on the soft bolster or burrow his nose in one of cozy corners.

Silken, breathable, soft-to-the-touch faux fur lulls your dog to sleep. Under the cover is an egg-crate orthopedic foam pad that cushions pressure points and gives much needed support. This is important as old dogs may be suffering from body ailments and joint pains.




And there’s our top 7 picks for our furry friends. Many of these brands offer free shipping, free returns, 101-night sleep trials, and other after-sales services.

This information should be quite sufficient so that you can choose the best fluffy dog beds for your furry best friend. He may be unable to speak, but his relaxed, blissful snooze on any one of these beds will definitely be his way of thanking you.

Related Questions

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about pet beds.

Dogs can sleep anywhere, but they would definitely love to sleep in comfort. Think about it: do you want to sleep on the floor or on your bed? Dogs snooze around 12 to 18 hours a day, increasing as they age. Thus, they need a comfortable bed to snooze on just like you do. In addition, you may not want your dog to share your bed with you, so it would be ideal to give him a bed of his own.

Dogs are as happy as sleeping on a cool hard floor or on a soft bed. What’s important for them is that they can sleep in the coolest and safest place they could find. That’s because their coat may cause overheating, especially during hot days and seasons. So when it comes to pet beds, it doesn’t matter if it’s a hard or soft bed as long as it’s cool and comfortable for your pooch.


These are the best pet beds we recommend for your furry friends. They’re comfortable, top-quality, and give you the best value for your money. But more than that, any of these pet beds will make your dog absolutely happy. Being warm, safe, and comfortable in his own bed, he’ll definitely snooze soundly and deeply, assured that you love him as much as he loves you.

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