All You Need to Know About Mosaic Weighted Blankets

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Warmth and touch are essential to the human soul. These sensations allow us to feel alive and connected. Aside from the instinct to desire intimacy with another human being, both warmth and touch also provide a sense of security and comfort. We long for the protection and support that we experienced in the arms of our mothers.

As we grow, we find ways to supplement ourselves with these sensations because our mothers cannot carry us in their arms forever. We learn to make friends, shake hands, and to hug. And during the winter season, we cover ourselves up with thick clothing trying our best to keep us warm.

Even when we sleep, we try our best to feel these so that we can let our fears go and rest up for the night. However, it may not be that easy for everyone, especially for people with anxiety and deep-seated fears. Mosaic Weighted Blankets can help you drift off to sleep.

minky weighted blanket

Mosaic Weighted Blankets: Top Quality & Proudly Made In America

Proudly manufactured in Austin, Texas, Mosaic’s Weighted Blankets are rated as the best-rated blankets in the US. Designed with comfort and calm utmost in mind, their wide range of products offer options for kids and teens as well as varied bed sizes, from full, king and queen sizes. Mosaic also offers custom options for customers who want their weighted blankets to suit their specific personality and needs.

Who is The Founder of Mosaic Weighted Blankets?

Laura LeMond is the founder and CEO of Mosaic weighted blankets. Laura herself has been dealing with the challenges of having Sensory Processing Disorder. During her college years, Laura found out that she could calm herself down by placing weighted sandbags on her body. She also observed autism therapy sessions where the patients used a hugging box as an effective calming tool. 

With these in mind, she developed the Mosaic Weighted Blankets in 2010. Now, she is the largest retailer of weighted blankets in the United States. Her products are now being used to help people with disorders like ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, and other sleep disorders.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Invented in the late 90’s by Keith Zivalich, weighted blankets are designed with pockets filled with beads to add weight. Usually recommended to weigh about ten percent of a person’s body weight, it can provide just the right amount of pressure that feels just like a warm hug while you sleep. 

Ready for the best sleep of your life? Here’s a comprehensive review of Mosaic blankets.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review

The Mosaic Weighted Blanket is the blanket that can help you fall into deep, blissful sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, we can all agree that there is nothing like a comfortable body hug to help you doze off. In fact, these weighted blankets can be customized so that you can choose the perfect weight for you. Customers can choose between five to twenty pounds of weight. They can also choose from different sizes, which include twin, full, queen, and king size.

Each blanket is handmade in Austin, Texas. You can choose between cotton or minks for the fabric, which will then be filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, BPA-free plastic beads. The beads are placed in pockets that are sewn as squares. The beads are then evenly distributed to each square so that the weight is balanced. A small amount of polyfill is then used to cushion the pellets. You will never feel the beads; all you will feel is the warmth of this body-hugging blanket.

These products are tested in-house by the manufacturers and share their results with the customers to give them an honest opinion of their products. Overall, the cotton fabric is more breathable compared to the mink fabric. However, this depends on the customer’s preference for the type of material.

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Pros and Cons

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Why Buy A Mosaic Weighted Blanket?

There are plenty of reasons for you to buy a Mosaic Weighted Blanket to add to your bedding set. The most obvious reason, of course, is that they make sleeping more comfortable. If you have trouble sleeping for any reason, whether you have insomnia or any other condition, this blanket will help you get the sleep that you need.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets are also known to help in several problems, including some physical and psychological disorders.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing disorder or SPD is a disorder that affects how your brain processes the information that is gathered by your senses. Your senses, which include your sense of smell, taste, feel, sight, and hearing, can become obstructed. This means that if you have this disorder, you will feel or sense more than you are supposed to. Your senses are always heightened. This could make lights too bright for your eyes and pain too painful for you to bear. Sounds can also become too loud while tastes and smell will become too strong. This can be a very uncomfortable problem. However, using a Mosaic Weighted Blanket will help you feel comfortable enough to get you to sleep well. Aside from that, weighted therapy can help increase serotonin and melatonin levels in your brain that will effectively help with such a disorder.


girl sleeping

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. There are two types of insomnia; primary and secondary. To describe in the simplest terms, insomnia is when you are having trouble sleeping or staying asleep. This can happen for a short period but can also go on for a long time. There could be many causes of insomnia, and one of the reasons for this disorder are underlying diseases like cancer, asthma, depression, arthritis, or heartburn – all of which can cause secondary insomnia.

There are also other causes for it, and stress is one of the biggest factors that cause primary insomnia. Stress causes sleep problems that do not have a connection to another health problem. Another reason for it could be your surroundings. It may be too loud, too warm, or too bright during your sleep time that you become restless.

Lastly, insomnia can also be caused by changes in your routine or body clock. If you have recently travelled and you can be jet-lagged, this can make your body confused on when to be awake or asleep. Another reason for this is a change in your work schedule. A lot of medical practitioners have insomnia because of the irregularity of their work hours.

Thankfully, Mosaic Weighted Blankets can help you treat insomnia as it literally hugs you to sleep. Weighted blankets are proven effective in making you fall asleep.

ADD/ADHD Spectrum Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental problem with symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness. People with such a disorder have a hard time concentrating or staying attentive to something for an extended period. They will most likely have a problem in learning as their attention spans are very short. They have issues managing time, organizing, and setting goals too. Eventually, they might also have problems keeping a job.

There is also an Attention Deficit Disorder without hyperactivity disorder. They have similar symptoms to ADHD, but people with ADD only do not have the same energy as those with ADHD.

One of the problems that people with attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder can have is sleeping and relaxing. Because of their short attention span and hyperactivity, they tend to jump from one thing or the other. They are always uneasy and uncomfortable. 

However, having a Mosaic Weighted Blanket can help both children and adults with ADHD relax. These weighted covers can help persons with ADHD or ADD to calm down after a day of activities. It can also help them in therapy sessions to relax and eventually fall asleep.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

child on bed

Autism Spectrum or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a type of neurodevelopmental disorder. This means that it affects the development of the nervous system that in turn affects the activities and function of the brain. People in the autism spectrum have problems socializing or communicating with others. They also exhibit repetitive behaviors and interests. Most symptoms are detected early on around the age of two. However, it is less easy to recognize female individuals as females can easily mask their symptoms to mimic and adapt to social norms.

There is no known cause for autism. However, studies have shown that there are risk factors among certain genetic conditions. A big percentage of children with autism also have a family history of autism.

Treatment on this disorder is specialized and is different from one person to the other. Of course, there are general practices done, like behavioral therapy and coping skills.

Autism is a disorder that disrupts social interaction. People with autism become uncomfortable or aloof when other people are around. Moreover, they are unable to find comfort in the touch of other human beings even from their mothers. However, an artificial hug, a hug without any other human involvement can effectively calm down an autistic individual. Usually, this is done using a hug box. This machine imitates a human hug wherein sideboards apply deep pressure on the body of a person.

The hug machine is widely used in therapeutic centers for autism disorders. 

The Mosaic Weighted Blankets act as an artificial hugging product that anyone can have at home. It works just like a blanket but with the added pressure of the beads. This product has been effective in calming down individuals with autism.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is a mental problem that is described as an exaggerated feeling of anxiety. This feeling can be caused by worrying about the future or fear of things that haven’t happened yet. These feelings can cause several physical symptoms like pain, increased heart rate, shaking, insomnia, and trouble breathing. Others can also experience dizziness and vomiting. Overall, having an anxiety disorder is uncomfortable. Individuals with such a problem are constantly worrying too much. 

One of the ways to deal with an anxiety disorder is by hugging to help the individual feel secure. A hug can be received from another person or a pet. 

However, when others are not present, a Mosaic Weighted Blanket can help the individual in calming down. All the person has to do is to get under those sheets and feel its warm hug.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Mosaic Weighted Blankets are machine washable. Whether it is made of cotton fabric or mink, you can use your washing machine to clean it and your dryer to dry it. However, customers must take note that only the blankets that are twelve pounds and below are advised to be machine washed at home. This limit is to protect your device from getting damaged. Anything heavier is not suitable for your home washer. 

If your Mosaic Weighted Blanket is between 12 pounds to twenty pounds, it is advised that you have it professionally cleaned. Professional cleaners have heavy-duty machinery that can clean your covers effectively.

If you choose to wash your mosaic weighted blanket at home, make sure to put the machine on a gentle cycle and use cold or warm water. To get rid of stains, you just need non-chlorine bleach and gently scrub the stain out.

Absolutely! A proven therapeutic aid for both children and adults with a variety of mental issues and disorders, weighted blankets can be used as calming tools to help people become more productive during the day and at night, help them sleep better as well.

Weighted blankets can be used by just about anyone in just about any way possible! As mentioned several times in this article, weighted blankets go a long way in helping children and adults coping with anxiety disorders, autism and other mental health disorders. In fact, it’s a popular therapy aid for occupational therapists, pediatricians and other healthcare providers. Aside from mental health treatment, weighted blankets can be used as a way to calm down and relax. You can sit in front of your computer, working away while you have one of Mosaic’s comfy blankets wrapped around you to help you focus. During lazy weekends, you can cozy up in a weighted blanket while you read your favorite book.


While Mosaic Weighted Blankets can be used for therapy of a variety of psychological, sensory and mental health issues, you don’t have to be diagnosed with any disorder to enjoy the comfort that this product brings. A warm hug-like blanket can be fantastic for everyone. Also if you’d like to try the product out first, Mosaic Weighted Blankets have a 30-day free trial, which you can, of course, take advantage of.

More importantly, mental and physical health disorders should be addressed in the best and safest ways possible. This product won’t magically cure you of any disease, but rather it will help you ease a symptom or two. If you have a hard time sleeping, the Mosaic Weighted Blanket will help you get the sleep that you deserve.

Ready to sleep like a baby? Get your own Mosaic Weighted Blanket today. Call us now. We’d love to hear from you!

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Table of Contents

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