Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review (2022 Edition): Does This Mattress Really Keep You Cool?

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Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress


A family owned mattress-in-a-box company that’s been in operation since 2016, the Aslan Original Mattress did not disappoint even the most meticulous sleep experts in our team. Designed with quality gel memory foam, it boasts of an industry-leading 365-night sleep trial. Would you like to try the Aslan? Read our full review and see for yourself.

People who “sleep hot” don’t actually get enough sleep. While you can purchase several sleep accessories and maybe install a high-powered air conditioning system in your bedroom in an attempt to cool down at night, one easy fix to uncomfortable and sleep-disruptive night sweats is to invest in a quality cooling mattress. 

For this article, our team of sleep experts took some time to test and evaluate the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Available since 2016, have they kept up with 2020’s mattress cooling technology? More importantly, is this the right mattress for you? Read on for our full, unbiased review.

Product Overview

The Company

Aslan Mattress is a family-owned and run business based out of Maryville in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area. It was founded in 2016 by Matthew Burgess who has been working on mattress-in-a-box development since 2006. After working for and with many other companies, Matt decided to take the expertise he has gathered over the years and start his own mattress company.

Interestingly, the Aslan Gel Memory Foam mattress used to be known as ZenBed, but despite having trademarked the term in 2016, they had to abandon the name in 2018. A larger company also used the term, and thus, the company and product was renamed the Aslan Mattress. All the materials, processes, quality, and performance have remained unchanged.

Aslan Mattresses

Aslan mattress has a line of 3 mattresses:

Aslan Original Mattress

Their 10 inch gel memory foam mattress is not only their original product, it is also their best seller. Aslan Mattress recorded zero returns from customers from 2016 and 2017. The company reports only having received 2 returns as of August 2020.

up 1


down 1


The Aslan Original Features and Benefits

aslan gel1

The Aslan Original: A Triple Layered Memory Foam Mattress

The 10 inch bestselling Aslan gel memory foam mattress is rated a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale where 1 is softest, and 10 is firmest. This translates to the 10 inch Aslan Original mattress having a medium-firm feel. 

This makes firmness rating is ideal for sleepers who weigh 250 lbs and below, but is comfortable for heavier weight sleepers who do not prefer mattresses which are too firm. Of course, for heavier weight sleepers, a medium-firm mattress will feel a bit soft, while for sleepers who weigh 130 lbs or less, the same medium-firm mattress might feel too firm.

What's Better: Memory Foam Or Gel Mattress?

Importantly, unlike typically warm-sleeping memory foam, the Aslan gel memory foam mattress sleeps cooler because of the materials used, product design and manufacturing process.

This firmness and comfort level is due to the following foam layers:

The Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress Cover

In order to maximize the combined effects of the three proprietary foam layers, Aslan mattresses feature a breathable, soft-knit cover which in itself is also designed to help dissipate heat build-up on the mattress surface. In order to maintain the cover’s quality, the manufacturer recommends that it not be washed, instead, it should be spot cleaned only.

The mattress cover should also be kept on the mattress, and not be removed from the mattress for any reason because it is the required fire barrier per US law. The manufacturer further recommends that a mattress protector be used if there is a risk of soiling or dirtying the mattress cover and the mattress foam layers.

It should also be noted that any additional covering will affect the way the mattress feels on your skin. Mattress protectors, or even very thin sheets can affect how firm the mattress feels. This is especially so if these sheets or mattress protectors hug the mattress very tightly – this surface tension is sure to make the medium-firm mattress even firmer.

The Edge Support on the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It should be noted that all-foam mattresses are generally not known for excellent edge support. This is just the nature of all-foam mattresses. If you want strong edge support, you may want to look into coil-sprung mattresses, or foam mattresses with edge reinforcements.

The Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress, however, is shown to have the average edge support which is typical of all-foam mattresses. That is to say, not exceptionally great, but not that bad either since its firmness rating is a medium-firm.

In more practical terms, this means that you can roll on, or sit on the edge of the mattress and not roll-off. You will however, feel the edge of the mattress give in to your weight, unlike when you are lying nearer to the center of the mattresses.

The Motion Isolation on the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Where all-foam mattresses excel, the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress included, is in motion isolation and quietness. This is especially the case for memory foam-based mattresses.

With the absence of metallic coil springs which eventually squeak with time, wear, and tear, you can roll over and bounce on the 10 inch Aslan Original Mattress all you want and not hear a squeak.

Moreover, given the material and construction of the mattress of the Aslan Original, motion transfer from one side of the bed to another is typically low like that of other memory foam based mattresses. In practical terms, this means that your partner can twist, turn, or get up from their side of the bed and you most probably won’t notice that except if you are a super light sleeper.

For most sleepers, this means that you will generally have sleep which is uninterrupted by sounds from inside the foam, or movement from your partner sleeping on their side of the bed.

The Bounce Performance on the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Practically related to the motion isolation performance of all-foam, especially those which are memory foam based mattresses, the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress also has the typical bounce performance of this class of mattresses. 

This means that there is just enough bounce that you do not feel like you are on a trampoline or water bed. Given that the second layer is also made of Next Generation Memory Foam, this also means that there is enough rebound so that you do not feel like you are sinking into quicksand which can be the case in old memory foam mattress materials. 

This bounce and rebound performance on the Aslan Original Mattress helps a lot when you want to change positions.

Are memory foam gel mattresses good?

The US government does its best of regulating the mattress industry in terms of the safety and quality of materials and processes used. For this purpose, those which are found to be compliant with the standards are given a CertiPUR-US certification. These are issued by a non-profit organization which tests for quality and standards. Accredited, independent testing laboratories issues the certification if a product is up to the following standards:

The Sizing on the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Aslan Mattress products use the following dimensions:

Setting-up the Aslan Original Mattress

Set-up with the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress is relatively uneventful. Well, except if you are particularly excited to immediately go to sleep on your new mattress.

The Aslan Original Mattress gets delivered right to your doorstep in an 18.5 inch x 18.5 inch x 41 inch box and weigh between 45 lbs for the Twin up to 75 lbs for the King sized beds. This are dimensions and weights which are generally manageable for an average sized individual or two to maneuver around the house and set-up.

Once you have brought the box is inside the selected bedroom, you only have to do the following:

Care Instructions for the Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Infinite Warranty on the Aslan Original Mattress does have specific terms and conditions. Please make sure to read the latest version on your date of purchase to maximize your enjoyment of your new mattress.

Aslan Mattress does mention that they will match other warranties, so make sure to be on the look-out for better terms and conditions and reach out to Aslan Mattress customer support before ordering to get the best deals.

What are standard though are the following:

Things to consider before buying a mattress

Purchasing a mattress in the traditional manner meant you had to go to a physical store. Once in the store, you could see what was available on display or on the inventory, and actually try them out yourself. After this, you could make your choice, pay for it, have the product delivered, or bring it home yourself using your own transportation.

The traditional method was very helpful in allowing for direct tests and even more direct comparisons on how different mattress brands and products feel to the touch. However, having to deal with large, unwieldy products like mattresses made transporting these products to homes, and moving them up a flight of stairs, through corridors and doors into selected bedrooms were definitely a hassle.

In the mid-2000s, mattress-in-a-box companies started to take off in terms of putting their products out into the market. The development of vacuum compression for mattresses made shrinking the once huge and bulky sleep essentials into manageable packages the norm. An average sized person could literally put one under an arm and carry it into the house, up a flight of stairs, through a corridor, and into a bedroom without much trouble.

Bed-in-a-box companies then started selling on-line, many moving away from having physical stores where you could test their products before ordering one. This business model had its merits in terms of ease and convenience – you no longer have to leave your house or even worry about transporting the mattress. You could just preview all the online stores you want, take your pick, place an order, and in a few days, you receive the mattress you ordered right at your doorstep.

Of course, this method also has its drawbacks. The main issue is that you could no longer try out different mattresses in person before placing an order. This gives space for a lot of uncertainty with your choice. In response, mattress-in-a-box companies have made trial periods and product returns a standard in the industry.

Aslan Mattress has taken the initiative to provide an industry leading 365-night trial period, with free shipping. That is, after a 50-night trial period, given that both human bodies and foam mattresses take time to adjust, with 50 days (or nights), the general average.

This simply means that in the case of Aslan Mattress, if you order any of their mattresses, including the Aslan Original Mattress – 10” gel memory foam, you do not have to worry about being stuck with owning a mattress that you find you do not like. Especially if the reason is because you did not have the chance to try it out before ordering it.

What should I look for in a memory foam gel mattress?

Purchase the 10 inch Aslan Original gel memory foam mattress if:


The 10 inch Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress that we have put under review is for all purposes and intent, a high quality mattress-in-a-box option. It is not a low-cost option, and neither is it up there among the luxury, high-cost brands. 

It is of low average cost with the performance and quality typical to above average of its class. Given that CertiPUR-US certified products are already of high quality, the use of newer technology bumps the Aslan Original Mattress up a notch.

Where it takes the lead in terms of quality is in the use of the new technologies when it comes to memory foam mattresses: beaded gel-foam, open-cell viscoelastic, and phase change material technologies for cooling; and the Next Generation Memory Foam (NGMF) for bounce and rebound. 

Where it takes an even bigger lead is in the industry leading 365-night trial period and Infinite Warranty.

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