Novaform Mattress Reviewed & Rated (2022): Does It Give Value for Your Money?

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Choosing the right mattress can make a difference in our lives. Using the right bed can give comfort, relief, and rest that you deserve. 

The benefits of getting the right mattress include the following:

  • It takes away the pressure from certain parts of the body that is usually painful when we sleep.
  • It can make you feel comfortable enough to sleep for the ideal number of hours at night.
  • Mattresses can also be created with the right fabric to provide proper airflow keeping us fresh as we sleep.

Having the right mattress is now a must. With all the technology available, we must take that opportunity to better the quality of our lives. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Good thing, the Novaform mattress is more affordable than its competitors. It provides more value for your money. The Novaform mattress offers the latest technology in beds to give comfort and the right support. Moreover, the technology that they use is innovative, providing features that are very much needed. These features include antimicrobial materials and gel-infused memory foam for better temperature control.

What is the Nova Form Mattress?

nova new

If you’ve been to one of Costco’s warehouse outlets, then you’ve probably already seen a Novaform mattress. The Novaform mattress is a memory foam bed at a lower than average prices. The lower costs of Novaform mattresses do not mean that they are of lower quality. Instead, it means that you get more value for your money.

There are eight different types to choose from the Novaform mattress line. These eight beds have different thicknesses and features.

  • ComfortGrande
  • Serafina Pearl
  • Serafina Pearl Firm
  • Serafina Pearl Plush
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • SoFresh
  • Overnight Recovery
  • Advanced Back Support

Novaform ComfortGrande

comfort grandeThe ComfortGrande uses three layers of foam.

EVENcor GelPlus™ – This is used on the top layer to manage the temperature of the bed properly. When you sleep, you can distribute your weight evenly, allowing proper airflow and cooler temperatures. 

Premium support foam- This is used on the second layer of this mattress. It is 3 inches thick. This is also designed to keep the warmth of your bed in check. It has air channels in its foam that allow proper airflow through your bed, taking out the warm air and letting the fresh air in. Aside from aiding in cooling your bed, this part of foam helps provide support for your body, making sure that you don’t sink too deep into the bed.

The last layer is dense support foam. This is 8 inches thick. This dense part of the bed is there to support the whole mattress. This is the part that gives you the needed support a bed should provide. Not only does this bed give you extra comfort. It also gives you the right amount of support through this layer of dense foam. 

Novaform Serafina

The Serafina Pearl has three variations depending on how firm or soft you want the bed to be. This also uses 3 layers of foam which includes:

The Serafina Pearl uses ComfortLuxe® gel-pearl technology to keep the users fresh throughout their sleep. This memory foam tech is 3 inches and is the topmost layer of this mattress.

The next 3 inches is made out of CustomWave™ foam. This is a type of memory foam that functions as what a memory foam should. Adapt to the body of the user and give the most comfortable experience. 

The third layer is an 8-inch support layer. This provides the right support to the body, which makes the mattress as a whole as not overly soft. 

This also utilizes a quilted fabric to cover the mattress. It uses a breathable fabric that also helps cool the bed and keep away any moisture. 

SoFresh Novaform Mattress

The features of this mattress include the following:

It has components allowing it always to smell fresh and clean. It is made possible by the first layer, which is a removable and washable cover. This mattress cover is stain-resistant and bacteria-resistant. It is also treated against mold and mildew—these treatments on this fabric helps in keeping it smelling clean and fresh

After the removable cover is the LURAcor™ foam. This foam is infused with natural antimicrobial properties. The main ingredient in this technology is copper, which is known to have antimicrobial properties. Making sure that your mattress is free from microbes ensures that it always smells fresh and clean.

The second layer of this bed is made out of memory foam to keep you not just fresh but also comfortable. This memory foam is designed to give an excellent job in curving around your body but not letting you sink too deep in the bed. 

The bottom layer is a 6-inch support layer. This part of the mattress holds everything up. This layer is quite thin compared to the other Novaform variants making this bed a little bit firmer. 

Choosing A Mattress by Your Sleeping Position

Aside from your preferences in a mattress, you can choose a mattress based on your usual sleeping positions. Some beds are more suitable for a particular type of position because they hug or support your body. Whether you lie with your back straight or sleep on your tummy, there is a perfect bed for you. Here are some suggestions on which Novaform mattress to choose based on your usual sleeping position that is based on actual Novaform reviews.

Side sleepers

sleeping on your side

If you are a side sleeper, you will need a bed that can relieve the pressure on your shoulder and your hips. If you sleep sideways and do it on a standard foam bed, you will probably have some pain on your shoulders when you wake up. Other times, you will have some disturbance due to the pressure on this part of your body. This causes you to change to the other side to relieve the pain. 

However, using the right memory foam bed can ease the pressure because it allows you to sink enough into the bed and evenly distribute it on the bed. When your weight is evenly distributed, your weight will not be on your shoulders and hips anymore. Instead, the pressure from your body weight is carried by the memory as it hugs you effectively.

If you are a side sleeper, it is recommended that you choose either of these options:

  • Overnight Recovery
  • SoFresh Models

These models allow you to sink enough into the bed and evenly distribute your weight if you sleep sideways. You will be relieved of your pain and won’t be waking up in the middle of the night to change position. Your sleep will be straight, comfortable, and painless if you choose the right bed.

Back sleepers

back sleeping

Back sleepers need a bed that is both firm and soft. The soft is to get the user comfortable while the firm is to protect and support the spine. An overly plush bed can be detrimental to the spine in the long run if you are a back sleeper. Because your center of gravity is in the middle when sleeping on your back, you will tend to curve your spine. When your spine is curved, it is vulnerable, which could cause pain or back problems later on.

Novaform offers mattresses that are both firm and comfortable. Serafina Pearl Firm is the firmest model they have, and this can give you the right support for your back without compromising on the comfort. If you sleep on your back, then it would be wise to consider the Novaform Serafina Pearl Firm.

Stomach sleepers


Sleeping on your stomach is quite tricky. The pressure is on the face, chest, and hips. This can be troublesome as it can hinder breathing if you have the wrong bed. Pressure on the chest can make it challenging to breathe deep while sleeping, and putting your face flat on a surface can cover your nose.

Choosing a bed that is on the medium side in the firmness scale is the right solution for stomach sleepers. Medium firmness distributes the weight evenly on the shoulders and hips protecting your chest from too much pressure. On the other hand, your face is also relieved of some of the stress, and your breathing will not be blocked with the right softness of a bed. The best Novaform mattress for this type of sleeping is ComfortGrande and the Serafina Pearl Medium Firm.

Pros and Cons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Novaform mattress is a memory foam bed with a base foam. There are eight variations of the Novaform mattress with different thicknesses, and they are primarily sold in Costco. However, you can also order them online, and they will be shipped to you vacuum-sealed. Shipping costs are covered in the mattress price. After purchasing it online, expect to receive your bed in 5 to 10 business days.

Yes, Definitely. The Novaform mattress is a great memory foam mattress. Moreover, it’s quite affordable compared to its competitors. This means that you get more value for your money.

Yes, the Novaform mattress has a warranty. Each bed comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Yes, Novaform offers a 30-day trial period for all their beds. You can get a mattress shipped to you, and if you feel like it is not the bed for you, you can return it to any of Costco’s warehouse outlets all around the country. You can also return it for free by mail if you don’t have a Costco warehouse outlet near your location.

Buying a vacuum-sealed bed means that you have to let it expand before you can fully use it. Vacuum-sealed memory foam usually takes 24 to 48 hours to grow adequately. Take the time to make your new bed expand and enjoy its benefits thoroughly after 48 hours

Novaform is owned by a company named Innocor, Inc. A company that develops and manufactures memory foam. Their corporate address is in New Jersey, United States of America.

You can buy a Novaform mattress in any Costco warehouse locations. The Novaform mattress is known for being the bed that Costco sells. Aside from Costco, you can also order this mattress online.

Novaform mattresses are not toxic. They are up to standards when it comes to federal regulations regarding materials used in beds. However, the Novaform may have a strong off-gassing when you unwrap it. Be sure to uncover it in an area that you do not frequent or can be adequately aired to reduce the strong smell.


There is a Novaform mattress for everyone because there are eight different types of beds to choose from. All of these mattresses use memory foam and provide comfort, relief, cool temperatures, motion isolation, and the right amount of support. If you are looking for value for your money, then the Novaform mattress is the perfect bed for you. Call us now to enjoy a Novaform mattress today.

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Table of Contents

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