Easy, Breezy Snoozes: Top Picks For Over The Counter Sleep Aids

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What was once a small tribe revolving around a simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle a millennia ago has now evolved into a global society of high technology, growth, information, and wealth. Human society has advanced to a point beyond our ancestors’ wildest dreams. However, this rapid social advancement and change are not without a price. The need … Read more

Common Sleep Issues Associated with Cancer


It has been the same agony for many, many nights. It has been 3 hours since Joe has lain in bed. Dawn is fast approaching. But the Sandman hasn’t visited him. The chemotherapy drugs in his system, coupled with prescribed steroids, are preventing him from getting some decent shut-eye. He stands up, leaves the room, … Read more

Discover What Happens When You Sleep

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What if I told you that I could change your life? That you could be happier, healthier, and more productive by merely turning out early each night. This is the importance of sleep. It plays a significant role in the body and brain. Taking the initiative to understand your sleep patterns can change your life … Read more

How Autism Spectrum Disorder Affects Sleep

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For many people, having quality sleep every night is not assured. Normally, this isn’t a big problem. Sleeplessness is just temporary and will disappear in a couple of hours or days. However, for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sleeping soundly is elusive. They have persistent trouble falling and staying asleep. As a result, their … Read more

Best Trundle Beds – Which one to buy in 2021?

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According to the Cambridge dictionary, trundle beds are the ones that fit beneath a regular-sized bed and can be taken out when needed. These usually have two beds ─ one a larger regular bed while the other a relatively smaller one fitted beneath the main bed. This smaller bed can be pulled out using rollers when … Read more

Save The Day With This Primer on Medical Alert Systems

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Thinking of getting a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one?  Before you dial 911, get the 411 on these life-saving devices first with this extensive guide and provider review so you not only earn the best value for your budget, you also get peace of mind.   In 2018, life expectancy rates in … Read more

Choosing The Perfect CBD Oil For Sleep, Pain, And Anxiety: A 2021 Guide + Our Favorites!

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What is CBD oil? Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD- is having a moment. The second most prevalent phytocannabinoid found in (the ever-popular) cannabis plants, CBD consumption does not give you the same effects/ “the high” that consuming the more potent THC does. In 2020, the popularity of CBD has made it a $500 million … Read more

Time For Bed – A Parent’s Complete Guide To Healthy Sleep

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Overview Sleep is more important than one might think. Everyone needs sleep; without it, every single person would be extremely unhealthy or worse – diagnosed clinically insane. Sleep affects the way we look, perform, and feel on a daily basis.  However, sleep (or the lack of it) affects none more so than children. A child … Read more