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The Slingshot was a semester project at the University of the Arts with some kind support from the FIBRE (Faser Institut Bremen // material research). There´s some important facts underneath the surface, so any further details on the project will be posted as soon as possible... (or if you're interested in the production of this lightweight beauty... in this case you're the first and we can talk about everything in detail).
  • Slingshot
    light + sleak

  • Slingshot is a city-bike aimed at bike enthusiasts who like to have the best of both worlds: hightech without the loss of any comfort. So the bike will be completely sleak and clean, without any unnecessary cables or chains comming out of the frame, but with a load of features added 'underneath the hood'.

    Made out of lightweight materials like carbonfibres and combined with boxed items like an internal gear + dynamo-hubs as well as LED-lights, the Slingshot will be extreamly easy to drive, kept clean and to maintain.
    The big advantage of Slingshot is the single frame, which saves time + money during manufacturing process, also together with the fibre reinforced materials it eases production and maintainance, too.

    But the best... well, can't give that away now, so pls stay tuned to this project and the relaunch of my website!

  • sketches - framework, finding the right 'S'
  • sketches - the chain-gang
  • the process - working with hard-points
  • the process - clay rendering before finalisation
  • pre-final render - still some things left to do: like integrating hubs and brakes...
  • final version - everything 'on board' (Autodesk 3ds max + Showroom)
  • final version - nice... back!
  • final version - side by side
  • final version - some colour iterations and some light (LEDs integrated into the frame and pedals)

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