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  • OB1, OB1 EVO and OB2 PROJECTS Client: Operbus SA de CV The development of these projects involved the body and the interior design, departing from conception to prototyping and production. The buses are mounted over Mercedes Benz and International Powertrain. The Projects were developed from 2006 to 2007 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Lead Designer: Jorge Rodríguez Concept design team: Daniel Chinchilla O., Hector Butzmann, Miguel Armando Lara C and Jorge Rodríguez. Design engineering and product engineering: Jorge Rodríguez / Alejandro Rosas. Interior and exterior surface modeling: Daniel Chinchilla O. and Hector Butzmann Production CAD: Miguel Armando Lara C, Hamlet Anaya Body Structure design: Francisco Bautista and Erick Contreras Physical modeling assessment: Ricardo García. Physical modeling development: Hunpel crew. Manufacturing engineering: Jorge Rodríguez / Alejandro Rosas, Project promoter: Alexander Morales   Technical and manufacturing support: Operbus crew Prototype manufacturing: Hunpel / Operbus     

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