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The deepblue Christmas Tunes

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Make up your own christmas tunes with our HTML5 Mobile-to-Browser experiment:
  • deepblue Christmas Tunes
  • In order to thank our clients for a successful year, we created unique Christmas greetings. 
  • The Idea
    At Christmas, you can ignore your smartphone and just let it ring. In our Christmas video, smartphones vibrate towards each other to the tune of Silent Night and form our Christmas greetings.
  • But that is not all: on, visitors could create their personal christmas sounds by using ring tones. Our aim was to show what is possible with advanced web technology.
  • The Execution
    By the help of HTML 5 and WebSocket technology, your smartphone gets linked to the campaign website and hereby functions as a controller. The individual Christmas sounds could be shared with friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter.   
    We sent our Christmas cards and waited for what would happen.
  • The Result
    Shortly afterwards, the deepblue Christmas Tunes were distributed via social networks and in blogs worldwide.  
    Until Christmas, more than 10,000 Christmas Tunes have been created. Our unique Christmas greetings appealed to our clients. The bar for 2013 is set.
  • The campaign website with the ringing devices.

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