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The White Forest lighting installation

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The White Forest Lighting Installation Designed in collaboration with Noor El-Gewely and Monique Chua. The White Forest is a representation of personal individuality within the collective. Audiences are invited to explore and cross pathways playing with shadows and light creating a social atmosphere and allowing conversations to spark. The design was constructed completely from found and recycled material supplied by Reverse Garbage and LED Lights provided by OnLed Lighting.
  • The White Forest - Behind the scenes images & Final Design.

    Designed in collaboration with Monique Chua & Noor El-Gewely. The Lighting installation is completely constructed from recycled material provided by Reverse Garbage and LED Lights. White Forest has been part of the 11 Eleven Project, Beams Arts Festival Chippendale and Cockatoo Island Film Festival.

    Breathing Light Photography

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