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Temple of Flux

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The Temple of Flux, Burning Man 2010. Flux Foundation. Mixed media: primarily wood and whitewash. (Peter Kimelman, Jess Hobbs, Rebecca Anders, lead artists, with Ben Anderson, Catie Magee and team)
  • Commission to design and build the Temple for the 2010 Burning Man Festival.   The Temple of Flux was almost 40' tall and approximately 22,000 sq. feet. A reflection on this year's festival theme of Metropolis,  5 landforms created a series of canyon and cave-like spaces for shelter and peaceful contemplation. Three fire cauldrons and lighting effects created an inviting atmosphere throughout the night. Festival-goers were invited to write personal messages of grief and transformation on the work.

    Granted only one third of the total project cost, the Temple was designed, engineered and built in only 4 months exclusively with volunteer labor.The remainder of the funds were raised by donations or by 30 fundraiser events. The project was erected in the Black Rock Desert in 17 days,  stood for 10 days and was burned in a cathartic choreographed performance as the festival's conclusion. The piece was the first of the of the recently formed Flux Foundation.

    Peter Kimelman, Rebecca Anders, Jess Hobbs, Lead Artists
    with Ben Anderson, Catie Magee and a team of over 250 other volunteers,
  • photo by Brendan Jones
  • photo by Galen Stolee
  • The Temple of Flux is featured in Chapter 3 of Justin Tellian's work "Dreamers"
  • photo by Mills
  • photo by Mills

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