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Client: Surfacide Completed: Ongoing Design Team: Scott Wilson, Matt Puhalla, Tim Escolin and Mike Garner
  • Surfacide® UV-C Hard Surface Disinfection
  • In the United States alone, approximately 2 million people will contract a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) and 100,000 people will die each year. That is more than the two leading cancers combined.
  • Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) account for more annual deaths in the U.S. than the leading two cancers combined. And the economic burden is equally startling; the cost to the US economy is close to $40 billion dollars. To date “state of the art” disinfection is limited to wiping high-transmission surfaces with bleach and treatment is typically antibiotics that ultimately result in drug-resistant strains. It is a problem in dire need of a solution and on the cusp of becoming a global epidemic.
  • Surfacide® is one of a handful of med-tech startups that Scott Wilson + MINIMAL began investing in, partnering with and designing for. He and his small team are helping an industry veteran design, engineer, develop and commercialize a smart, UV-C light-based disinfection system that will eradicate these “superbugs” at a cellular level. Operated predominantly by environmental service employees with HSD education, the system control is designed around a simple touch interface via tablet controller. Connected to a central cloud-based database, the information collected will help track and further reduce the chance of infection. In the end, Surfacide®  will significantly reduce health providers costs and improve patient outcomes.
  • The Paradigm Shift in UV-C Hard Surface Disinfection
    Surfacide® Helios™ System solves existing UV-C technology challenges by eliminating shadows in patient environments and reducing proximity to every high-touch surface. By implementing multiple light emitters in patient environments, the Helios™ System overcomes the obstacles of using single emitter UV-C light systems. The Surfacide® result: Better efficacy in less time and improved patient outcomes.
  • Surfacide® provides an evidence-based, automatic UV-C room disinfection system that eradicates multi-drug resistant organisms including C.Diff, MRSA, VRE, CRE and Acinetobacter. Our approach is different. The Surfacide® system implements multiple emitters into the patient environment that allows us to clean all areas of the patient room including the bathroom.
  • In addition to the product design and engineering of the Surfacide® Helios™ System, MNML continues to develop the visual expression and story of the Surfacide® brand. Compelling communication for new entry into a small market is essential and we continue to design the primary identity and applications such as marketing materials, website and trade show booth design.

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