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STYLO | Bluetooth Headset

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'Stylo' is a bluetooth headset created by lopping off short pieces of aluminium tubing for the housing.
  • STYLO | Bluetooth Headset
    Created at Nendo ( Tokyo ) for Logitec
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    Stylo is a bluetooth headset created by lopping off pieces of aluminium tubing for the housing.
  • We named the headset after the French word for pen. Part of the headset's mechanism is packed into the tubing, like an ink cartridge in a pen. The headset has a pen-like clip that secures it when attached to a breast pocket.
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  • We finished the headset in alumite, rather than painting to bring out the inherent beauty of the metal. The alumite's distinctive colour variations — it can look like anything from brass to stainless steel — allowed us to express its honesty as a tool for everyday use.
    The headset's surface will change over time, as it accumulates the minute scratches and marks that come naturally through use. These incidental yet planned details will bring further depth and attachment to the headset, like those of a well-loved pen used for years.
    Size W12.7 × D32 × H81 ( mm )
    Weight 8 g
    Rechargeable battery 5 hours of talk time and 150 hours on standby
    Price 3 480 JPY
  • Photographs by Hiroshi Iwasaki

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