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PowerPod for Coalesse

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Part of our SW_1 Collection for Coalesse, the PowerPod is an honest and refined tabletop solution for the powerstrip, intentionally designed for today’s mobile worker. Client: Coalesse Completed: 2010 Design Team: Scott Wilson, Matt Puhalla, Steve Christopher
  • PowerPod for Coalesse / $99.00
  • PowerPod
  • The PowerPod is an honest and refined solution for the powerstrip, intentionally designed for today’s mobile worker.  Inspired by the surprising lack of smart and simple ways to access power in the workplace, the design is a byproduct of Scott Wilson + MINIMAL's SW_1 Collection for Coalesse.  
  • While designing the collection there was a need for a power solution that complemented today's mobile needs. On-the-go knowledge workers regularly need to charge their mobile devices, yet access to power is typically inconveniently located around the perimeter of the room, under the table or in a dark cramped hole. 
  • The solution to make a tabletop powerstrip was a revelation that seemed shockingly obvious when looked at but was virtually non-existent in the marketplace.  When not in use, the outlets are concealed by a small items storage tray, neatly tidying up the workspace.
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