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“OLDEW” is mad of three furnitures, a table, a chair and a light. It is designed both as furnitures and toys for adults, which could help people recall their childhood, rethink their experience and life, regain the happiest moment in their lifes.
  • OLDEW  “2011 jiangNan University graduate student excellent work exhibition”
  • The childhood is a nice and memorable day to us,It was simple and happy, we lived a life entirely free of trouble,every moment were full of surprising.But our life turn into busy and boring when we grow up.We almost forget how happy we were.

    “OLDEW” is mad of three furnitures, a table, a chair and a lightIt is designed both as furnitures and toys for adults,which could help people recall their childhood,rethink their experience and life,regain the happiest moment in their lifes.
  • The tea table is inspired by HUARONG ROAD, which is a famous game amongchildren in China. It is made of one big box and five small boxes. User could move the small boxes based on the rule of game “HUARONG ROAD”, also user can take them out from the big box and build them as a cabinet.they may recall their childhood days through the process of using it.  
  • And each box has different functions.
  • The chair build an interesting communication between user and product through involving an hybridation with cubesThe inspiration comes from building blocksThe cubes with three colors have three different heightuser could use them to create the shape they want. For example, change it into an armchair. And in this way user can recall their youth through the process of adjusting the cushion which is like building blocks
  • The mottled lighting will leave a disillusioned shadow on the wall when you open it. And it creates a warm atmosphere which may help people feel relax.

  • It’s like the game “steal the bird’s eggs” we played on kid’s days when you try to change the bulb, through this way, people regain the feeling of their childhood. And the way to assemble the light likes building the nest.
  • OLDEW creates warm and relaxatmosphere for users. The main material is pine. And user could “design” the outline of the furniture by themselves through the change of structure.In this way, they could get the unique furniture.
  • Enjoy the warm atmosphere created by OLDEW
  • Play the furniture as the toys.

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