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Next Generation Table Tennis Table

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“Waldner” – the next generation ping pong table, is made with an advanced computer system integration. The table has a multi-touch surface, which responds to human touch and real world objects, like ping-pong balls.
  • Next Generation Table Tennis Table
    Product concept by Robert Lindström

  • “Waldner” – the next generation ping pong table

    "So what are you waiting for, Roman Abramovich? Quit wasting your money on washed-up strikers, firing managers and ropey haircuts, and invest in this instead."

    — Sport Magazine, Issue 246, March 2 2012
  • Read more about the project — Designchapel blog

    "I have always been interested of product design and new technology, and specially the combination of these two. It’s very inspiring to think about what today’s ever-accelerating technology will impact on simple products we have today, as a ping pong table.

    I made this concept because I’m love design. I want to get into product design and because I’m learning Cinema 4D. I’m learning it because I think it’s difficult without any 3D knowledge at all for a digital art & design director today plus it is really fun! To have something interesting to create is a great way to learn a program. Therefore, “Waldner” have been a perfect project for me; a table tennis table with new intelligent (and hopefully upcoming) technology. Of course, this table will be to expensive to put in production today, but I think we will soon will start to see these kind of products.

    About the images so have I played around with the new depth of field in C4D R13 and its new Physical render. The model is very basic but it still gave me lot of training, specially regarding light, textures and cameras. Most of the stuff did I pick up at Greyscalegorilla.

    Why STIGA and Waldner? Well, STIGA is a Swedish brand first of all, and when I grew up we always had a STIGA in our basement. And it has a pretty cool retro logotype that made a nice contrast to the very modern table. Jan-Ove Waldner is known as “the Mozart of table tennis” and is a legend in his native Sweden as well as in China. He is one of our biggest sport profiles and he has always been sponsored by STIGA."

  • Update. September 2, 2012.

    Before this summer I was contacted by the General Manager of STIGA Sports Beijing, China, who showed big interest in the table. He had been contacted by a Chinese sport magazine called "Table Tennis" who had read about it on my blog. A magazine who later also made an 4 pages article of the table (image above). STIGA showed the table at sport conference in Beijing when they was interested in the design and the ideas. However, the table is still only a concept. Unfortunately.

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