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Miniot Cover Mk2

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The Miniot Cover Mk2 is a cover for new iPad and the iPad 2. The Miniot Team creates together this effort intensive cover and the design is made by Peter Kolkman, the founder of Miniot BV.
  • Miniot Cover Mk2
    For iPad 4, new iPad and iPad 2
  • The new design of the Miniot Cover Mk2 closely matches the curves of the iPad. And thanks to slightly rounded edges, it's also great to hold! The newly designed roll geometry offers convenient angles for watching, typing and handheld reading. This cover has a weight of approximately 135 grams (depending on wood type) and is about 3,5mm high. 

    Every Miniot Cover Mk2 is carved with great precision and care from a single piece of the finest wood species we can find. All wood is obtained from well-managed forests and certified supply.

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