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LIV Challenge _ 3d concept entry

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LIV wrist watch 3d ideation for a contest. It wont make it due to the digital display, I ll be doing another option. This is what i first had in mind, went ahead and finalised presentation layout for it. Please do send crits. Thanks for your time .
  • LIV Challenge _ 3d concept entry
  • Did you all hear about the LIV Challenge ? If you have not, there is still time, link below:

    My first idea , was to come up with an energetic , young , durable wrist watch, that combined an active lifestyle with functional simplicity.

    Even though this isnt what they want for the competition, I finalised the visual presentation for folio. I will be doing another idea for the competition.

    Hope you like it. Large layouts, please click on image, zoom and pan for details.

    Thanks for looking.

  •  Competition finalised, congratulations to the winners, this was my updated version of the watch.
  • Ok, this is my second idea, however i was told it is not unique enough. Therefore it flies back into my portfolio to share with you and to get your crits. Thanks for looking.
  • Had fun working on this.
  • Layout showing material combinations, classic - high visibility - sportsman

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