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Houston TX Rice Univ Nanotech Sci Bldg New Bld 4 Flrs

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Rice Nanotech Science Building assortment of han drawn details augmenting the CAD documentation
  • Nano science is a microscopic chemistry utilizing joined carbon fibers to form stronger hybrid materials. The Nanotech Science Building supports research into discovery of new materials applications through scientific discovery within this narrow field. Materials using this technology have proved to be stronger than steel and very light weight. The building design was by Antoine Predock, I was the senior project Architect for the project in conjunction with a Houston design firm no longer in business. I developed the project through design development and construction documents utilizing both computer documentation and hand drawn detailing of the very clean contemporary design and material transitions. The building is of precast concrete, Rice Univ. standard wood form brick masonry, copper roofing and clear glazing in aluminum frames.
    Project profile published by Industrial Design E-magazine 2-22-2013.
    Project profile published by Architecture Served E-magazine 3-16-2013.
    Project profile published by E-magazine 3-01-2013.
  • Front arcade and balconies with contemporary railing balasters of precast bollards. Note the grillage above the upper patio deck for sun control another Predock signature design vocabulary element.
  • Front arcade of precast concrete column surrounds in a soft creme color.
  • Overall front elevation showing combination of brick masonry, precast concrete and copper roofing.
  • Courtyard view showing the outdoor terraced lecture space above the seminar space encosed below, chemistry laboratories are in wing to the left and the student lounge is in the jutting prow element in acid treated copper panels to the right, the nanotech demonstration laboratory is to the right beyond.
  • Monumental cast in place concrete stairs at main lobby enclosed in glass safety glazing which is etched with pattern of the nanotech carbon element called "Buckey Balls", the stair serves to second level administrative spaces and laboratories.
  • View of the microscopic "Buckey Ball" element central to nanotechnology and carbon element research done at this facility.
  • Illustration of a microscopic nanotube of linked Buckey ball configuration, this one shows damaged sections within the chain elements.
  • Courtyard plaza tree well detail in construction documents set.
  • Precast coping detail for the outdoor lecture space above the enclosed seminar space below. 
  • Predock signature design detail of sharks nose canopy edge with internal gutter, this canopy was warped in three dimensions non-orthagonal to the geometry of the adjacent construction. Internal gutter drops into the internal gutter of the adjacent nanotechnology demonstration laboratory immediately adjacent at 90 degree offset.
  • Enlarged shark nose canopy edge detail, note canopy roof, fascia and underside of soffit are all clad in flat panel copper sheet cladding common to Predock's design vocabulary.
  • Student lounge window detail with the acid treated copper flat panel siding integrated with aluminum window frames in a simular finish treatment and dark tinted glass. The dark bronze glass gives a almost monothithic coloration to the exterior color pallet of the prow shaped jutting element juxtoposed to the regular geometry of the building. This dark colored copper cladding is a Predock signature element in many of his projects.
  • Copper metal standing seam roofing rake termination showing the lightening arrestor incorporated.
  • Wall to plaza paver system on adjustible pedistals and shims. The waterproofing system was a thick fluid applied membrane.
  • Plaza deck drain detail
  • Rear outdoor lecture space coping detail at guardrail wall with double wyth brick masonry and plaza deck below.
  • Site Plan
  • Level 1 Floor Plan
  • Level 2 Floor Plan
  • Level 3 Floor Plan
  • Level 4 Floor Plan
  • Over all Roof Plan
  • Street Frontage Exterior Elevations
  • Rear and Side Exterior Elevations
  • Courtyard Exterior Elevations
  • Courtyard Exterior Elevations
  • Partial Exterior Elevations and Building Sections
  • Partial Exterior Elevations and Building Sections
  • Plan Details
  • Plan Details

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