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Cardboard Seat

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This design celebrates volumetric structure to support the weight of a human body. Constructed in two volumes, this chair is made out of corrugated cardboard , glued at the edges and comfortably seats an adult.
  • AIA Cardboard Seat
    Winner of AIA Cardboard Seat Competition 2010
  • Competition Brief : Design a chair with recycled cardboard that can support the weight of an adult.
    Role: The idea was to explore the load bearing characteristics of packaged cardboard and build a design that had the structural integrity to support the weight of an adult. Study of origami folding methods and three dimensional truss systems led to the development of the pyramidical structure which was iteratively prototyped
    to create the optimal design for the seat.
    Process: Analysis of design brief, research into cardboard packaging, ideation sketches, prototyping in cardboard, SolidWorks model of Seat, Full scale prototype in double layered corrugated cardboard.
    Deliverable: Full Scale Cardboard Seat Prototype
    Duration: 2 Weeks
    Acknowledgements: Chris Neoh and Indu Thumsi

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