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Radion Concept - BMW M9

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I`ve noticed, without wanting, plenty of opinions when they see a BMW concept / fictional rendering, they very casual associates it as a wannabe's Audi R8, and this seemed a bit cliché and bothers me. In my case, I have tried to create a concept with a slightly different philosophy than the BMW design division in recent years, however with the intention of not to alter essentially homogeneous existing cars on the market. This concept was created without drawings (I know, it's not the wisest choice), without visible reference elements ,it was created only from the feeling catalyzed by various refined coupes. I'm not the only one who has associated the concept with the name M9, but I felt it was somehow missing link in their record, and that i can clot it as being reasonable. I through my amateur designer skills, prefered to be a bit subjective and remain as much to classical forms of several years ago, combined with a grand touring proportionators and functionality perhaps similar to the 612 Scaglietti. In fact this project is only a segment of four. Some time ago I `ve decided to try to create four concepts, for four different brands with the intention of preserving what`s theirs, but also to head to a prospect with a common "DNA". (Alfa Romeo 9C, BMW M9, Audi R9,and Mercedes SL 900) Anyway, this is the second branch of the project, somewhat finished. Thank you for all your attention

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