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Aphotic Touch

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Interactive wearable technology This garment gets intense as you touch it. Arduino+ pressure sensors
  • "Skin is our biggest sexual organ on human body".
    Aphotic Touch is a dress lights up when touched.
    Aphotic Touch is a visual amplifier of the sensual experience over your fingertip and running through you skin. It flushes, it thrilled, it pulses, it shakes, it's on, it's off, it's on again.
    Made with Arduino.
  • An interactive project by Shanshan Zhou and Jeremy Brooker.
    Created with Arduino, RGB LEDs, fiber optics and pressure sensors.

    We are interested in visually translate the sensation runs through your skin when being touched. Our inspirations includes human and animal skin, haptic senses, the aesthetic of bioluminescent creatures from the deep sea.

    We designed our own pressure sensor with conductive fabric. The sensing range was extended with wire, similar to animals who use whiskers to extend their sensing.

    When touched, this garment would gradually light up from the sleeves and goes all the way to the chest area. The light is tinted with a cold aquamarine on the sleeves, and gradually transitions into a warmer brighter red.

    The lighting material was a combination of RGB LEDs and fiber optics.

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